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Cryptocurrency Predictions: Where To Invest In 2020?

Laura Paškauskaitė

As cryptocurrency starts to gain mass recognition once again on the back of a Bitcoin price rise, it is necessary for anyone that hopes to have success in the next altcoin bull wave to look at the current altcoins out there with the largest potential for growth. This article will take a dive into some of the most oversold, highest-upside coins to buy in 2020 for maximum returns.


Yes, Bitcoin remains a viable and promising investment going into 2020. With the halvening come and gone, there are now less Bitcoin in free circulation than ever. It represents an asset class that is just starting to come into its own and in our opinion, Bitcoin still hasn’t seen its peak. Even at the top, Bitcoin was only a fraction of the market cap of many individual stocks. As the safe, secure asset that kickstarted the entire cryptocurrency revolution, Bitcoin still holds the king spot due to name recognition and reputation.

Bitcoin 2020 Price Prediction: $15,500


People love to hate on Ripple, but what gets lost in the fact that it is one of the more centralized cryptocurrencies on the market is that it has also been the project to deliver arguably the most value in the world economy as it stands now. Ripple has announced several partnerships with large, legitimate companies within the banking industry and they already have solutions in place. Still, there remain some problems with community acceptance. We are optimistic, but tempering expectations.

Ripple 2020 Price Prediction: $1.25


Monero has continued to fly under the radar in almost any conversation about cryptocurrency investing. We’re sure that Monero finds that preferable anyways, given the fact that privacy is the main selling point of Monero. Monero represents the hardcore vision of privacy that was envisioned cryptocurrency would grant its users. It continues to be undervalued despite continuing to make development progress and delivering better privacy than any other coin on the market. With an extremely depressed price but a healthy future as the gold standard in privacy coins, we are optimistic that Monero will rise, even if it doesn’t match the pace of the rest of the market.

Monero 2020 Price Prediction: $110


If Ethereum goes away, then you’ll know that the rest of modern cryptocurrency projects have gone away as well. Much of the coins that are thought of as the future of cryptocurrency are built in Ethereum’s technology and they continue to provide value to cryptocurrency users. Though many projects are mimicking the success that Ethereum has had, nothing will fully replace one of the first blockchains to construct an entire blockchain ecosystem. We are confident that Ethereum will exit 2020 in a much better position than it entered the year in.

Ethereum 2020 Price Prediction: $650


Vechain might not be a coin that you hear about often, but behind the scenes they have one of the most skilled and active teams in the entire industry. Bringing blockchain solutions to everyday business applications such as inventory management, Vechain is truly expanding the impact that blockchain can have on the world and business. They are making true contributions to efficiency and accuracy around the world. In addition, their masternode features make the token a desirable investment for traditional investors that liken it to dividend investing.

Vechain 2020 Price Prediction: $0.02

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(Disclaimer: This article does not qualify as investment advice or suggest anything to do with investment. Anyone thinking of investing in cryptocurrency should be aware of the risks and be prepared to lose their entire investment.)

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