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Bitcoin and Esport

Esports have been a rapidly rising industry for quite some time now, but the thing that truly put it on the map in the minds of sports betting enthusiasts was the pandemic of 2020. During the month of March, most of the sports in the world were suspended due to the raging coronavirus outbreak and people were left with no games to wager on. That’s when most of the industry switched to a highly feasible alternative which was Esports Betting. Gamblers realized that these games hold almost just as much entertainment, drama and adrenaline as the classic sports and ever since that, Esports betting has become significantly more popular within the community of gamblers.

The rise of Esports Betting

Today Esports have become much more popular than they were before the pandemic and it’s all due to the fact that people got closely accustomed to all the spectacle these games can offer. Correspondingly, the Esports Bitcoin Gambling has taken a much larger market share compared to what it had before. Today there are several big BTC Casinos like FortuneJack that offer a wide range of Esports Gambling possibilities for numerous different games. It’s extremely easy to partake in Esports Bitcoin Betting, all you need to do is know the basics of these games, have a registered account and wallet. The rest is up to you and your skills.

What kind of Games are provided within Esports Gambling?

There are tons of games that attract loads of fans to the segment of Esports Gambling, most of them have different characteristics and overall idea of the gameplay. The most popular titles include such heavyweights as DOTA 2, CSGO, League of Legends, StarCraft, FIFA and infinitely more. All these games are played by the true professionals and experts of their craft. The levels of mastery are absolutely astonishing and it takes years of vigorous training for the players to get to those levels. It’s very similar to real-life sports, where athletes dedicate their whole lives to honing their skills.

Esports Bitcoin Gambling is the Future

Even now the future is full of uncertainty for sports, due to the same COVID-19 pandemic. Nobody knows, there might be a time in the near future where every sport will be suspended again. This will never be a problem for Esports Bitcoin Gambling enthusiasts. Crypto Gambling and virtual sports have become synonymous during this last year and many experts believe that Esports Bitcoin Gambling might become a similarly popular alternative to the existing sports betting. Only time will tell.

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