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5 Ideas to Safely Invest Your Crypto Assets

Cryptocurrency has grown significantly in recent years, causing quite the excitement in the investment sector. However, unlike most assets, it’s prone to high volatility that could see you losing up to thousands in no time. That’s why it’s essential to make intelligent decisions to earn profits in this ever-fluctuating market. We’ll help point you in the right direction below with the five ways to invest your digital coins safely.

1. Decentraland

Decentraland first made the headlines back in 2018, where investors made profits of over 500% from trading virtual land. It has only continued to surge in popularity ever since.

Buying And Selling Land In Decentraland

In Decentraland, you can buy all spaces, referred to as LAND in the game, to develop and sell them at a profit. To purchase a land parcel, gamers need MANA, the virtual world’s official currency. The token is worth around $0.85, available at the game’s marketplace in exchange for cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What To Do With Digital Land

Like in the real world, you must develop exciting content in Decentraland to attract players to your property and raise its value. That can be exciting games, clubs, concerts, or art galleries to exhibit and sell NFT collectibles. You can even build your virtual casino and host your poker tournaments, just like any other real poker site.

2. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

A Non-Fungible Token is a digital asset representing real-life items such as music, art, and in-game objects. Each NFT is one of a kind, meaning it’s irreproducible, and you can trade them online using cryptocurrencies.

How Do NFT Investments Work?

First, you’ll need a wallet that allows you to store crypto and NFTs. There, you can purchase coins like Ether and Bitcoin, depending on what your NFT provider accepts. Once you set up the wallet, you’ll find NFT markets in exchanges like OpenSea.io, Rarible, and Foundation.

The most-traded NFT forms include art, GIFs, collectibles, video game avatars and wearables, and music. Even tweets count in the NFT market. Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey recently sold the first tweet he ever sent for over $2.9 million.

3. Casino Gaming

If you’re an experienced punter and want to invest in crypto safely, why not kill the two birds with one stone? Many online casinos accept cryptocurrency as they have benefits like increased privacy, low fees, and fast processing times.

The Best Crypto Casinos

Some of the best paying and most fair crypto casinos you can play at include Red Dog, Bitstarz, Ignition, 7Bit, Bovada, and Super Slots. As an added advantage, the platforms offer loyalty programs and welcome offers—all as part of the perks that come with playing using your crypto wallet. And you’ll find many slots, table games, and several live titles, which could potentially earn you big wins.

4. Nasdaq Tokenized Stocks

Some investors like to keep a diversified portfolio across stocks and crypto to trade both assets based on market trends. Instead of buying Bitcoin, converting it to an altcoin, then buying stocks, all while incurring numerous fees, you can invest directly on the DX. Exchange.
NASDAQ powers DX, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a safe investing experience, free from any market manipulation.

Trading Your Stocks In The DX.Exchange

The trading process at the DX.Exchange is simple and starts with setting up an account and depositing crypto. Then, all you need to do is input an order to buy your preferred tokenized stocks. These range from Google, Amazon to other publicly traded companies, and you can pay directly using crypto.

5. Incorporate Crypto As A Payment Method

As a merchant, you stand to earn generous amounts from accepting crypto as a payment method. Stats show that cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum are bound to rise by 100% within just a few years. So by allowing crypto purchases, your money will have doubled by the time they hit this market value.

Channels To Accept Crypto Payments

You’ll want to identify the most secure channel for payments before accepting crypto to avoid any losses through fraud. Here are a few of the best out there;

  1. CoinBank
  2. SpectroCoin
  3. BitPay
  4. CoinGate

Invest Your Crypto Wisely And Earn Big

As is evident, crypto assets are much more than a passing trend. The trick to realizing its full potential is to make safe investment decisions. You can start by exploring the ideas above to discover those that work best for you and profit from their impact.

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