Does The Crypto Market Need Regulation?

It has been difficult to govern and trust cryptocurrencies because of their borderless principles and the concept of money of the underworld

25 July 2022 07:18, UTC Nick James
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New Reserve Cryptocurrency Protocol PLUTO Launches on Waves Blockchain Claiming to Beat Bear Markets

Pluto Protocol is announcing the launch of its decentralized reserve protocol, designed to be resistant to bear markets and market conditions. The protocol recently launched its token PLUTO

22 July 2022 15:00, UTC
Uprise Promises Partial Compensation To Investors After Losing 99% of Assets

Uprise plans to compensate investors for losses incurred during its Luna Classic (LUNC) futures bet

22 July 2022 14:20, UTC Anna Martynova
Meme Coins On Their Way To Skyrocket Again

Dogecoin had a strong year in the cryptocurrency market in 2021, reaching a high in May before dropping in the months that followed

22 July 2022 13:38, UTC Nick James
Epic Won't Ban NFT Games In Response to Minecraft's Stance

Epic Games Store will not follow Minecraft developers lead and does not plan to ban NFT games

22 July 2022 12:46, UTC Anna Martynova
Studio The Third Floor Will Create A Metaverse SHIB

Shiba Inu is collaborating with The Third Floor to create a metaverse

21 July 2022 13:50, UTC Anna Martynova
Zilliqa and WEYU Collaborate to Accelerate Web3 Adoption

Zilliqa has integrated with WEYU, a multi-chain NFT platform

21 July 2022 12:41, UTC Anna Martynova
GameStop NFT Overtakes Rival Product From Coinbase In Sales Volume

GameStop NFT marketplace overshadows Coinbase in weekly sales volume

20 July 2022 14:36, UTC Anna Martynova
Colombia Improves Regulatory Framework For Local Crypto Industry

The South American country is moving towards a future where banks and cryptocurrency exchanges work together

20 July 2022 13:23, UTC Anna Martynova
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Oil Embargo & Crypto Market: What’s the Connection?

Crude oil and major banks are the main things the EU Parliament focuses on in the next round of sanctions

20 July 2022 12:18, UTC Melissa Robertson
IOG Becomes A Member of AmCham Mongolia

IOG Cardano becomes the first blockchain company to become a member of AmCham Mongolia

19 July 2022 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova
Southland Credit Union Will Provide Bitcoin Services To Its Customers

The credit union will use NYDIG's custodial platform and infrastructure to allow its customers to buy, sell and store bitcoin

19 July 2022 13:59, UTC Anna Martynova
Waves Enterprise Launches Raritet NFT Marketplace Led by Herbert Shopnik

The technology will allow customers to release unique digital objects in a legal field and at minimal cost to attract a new audience

19 July 2022 09:15, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Sports-Related Tokens Worth Keeping an Eye On

There are a variety of ways in which blockchain technology may be used in the sporting arena, from fan tokens and digital collectibles, to fan loyalty and engagement systems, to new income sources

19 July 2022 06:01, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Central African Republic Approves Bitcoin as a Reserve Asset

The Central African Republic has decided to use the main cryptocurrency as part of its national reserves

18 July 2022 14:18, UTC Anna Martynova
Hyundai Motor Launches NFT For New IONIQ 6 Electric Vehicle

Hyundai Motor has unveiled the NFT membership program for its new IONIQ 6 electric vehicle, which gives owners exclusive access to Web3 content

18 July 2022 12:37, UTC Anna Martynova
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7 Fascinating Facts About Ethereum for Beginners

As a newcomer to Ethereum, take some time to check out these seven interesting facts about the Ethereum project

18 July 2022 11:34, UTC Nick James
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Kalima Blockchain on a Path to Establish New Standard for Blockchain-Based IoT

Kalima is merging the bridge between industrial IoT and blockchain, by embedding blockchain technology in the IoT gateways. In an end-to-end fashion IoT data can be collected, transferred, stored, protected, and most importantly monetized

18 July 2022 08:56, UTC
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Rising Trend of Bitcoin Trading in Missouri

Bitcoin trading is on the rise in Missouri, with more and more people turning to digital currency for investment purposes

15 July 2022 15:31, UTC
Société Générale-Forge Will Be Able To Take Out A Loan Of Up To 30 Mln DAI

French multinational investment bank will be able to borrow up to $30 mln in DAI

15 July 2022 14:15, UTC Anna Martynova