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Cardano Founder Slam Critics Who Still Doubt Vasil Timely Launch, Says “Vasil Rocket Is In The Air”


thecryptobasic.com 19 September 2022 08:26, UTC
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Cardano Founder has once again responded to critics who still have doubts about Vasil.

Despite the significant progress made by the Cardano development team toward the launch of the Vasil hard fork, critics are still throwing shade at Cardano executives and the entire project. 

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, took to Twitter to reply to a YouTube troll who suggested Vasil would not ship by September 22, 2022. 

Throughout the comment, the troll continued to misspell Vasil as “vaseline’ while calling Hoskinson a great actor who has continued to lie to investors. 

Responding to the troll, Hoskinson said: 

Sometimes the delusions are so strong that they form a parallel universe where vasil is Vaseline. Those who live in it will forever be VaselineHeads or VHers for short. pic.twitter.com/XYtBuf3pa5

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) September 18, 2022

Vasil upgrade is still on track to launch on September 22, 2022.

Meanwhile, Hoskinson also shared an important update about Vasil to further confirm that the hard fork will launch on the mainnet at the expected date. 

Hoskinson said Vasil’s “rocket is in the air” after the Hard Fork Combinator (HFC) was submitted and accepted over the weekend. He further reiterated that Vasil mainnet launch would happen on September 22, 2022

“Rocket is in the air. HFC request submitted and accepted. Vasil upgrade is underway. See you on September 22nd, 2022,” Hoskinson tweeted. 

Rocket is in the air. HFC request summitted and accepted. Vasil upgrade is underway. See you on September 22nd, 2022 pic.twitter.com/Sjs2r0vhao

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) September 17, 2022

IOG Backs Hoskinson’s Claims

In a similar development, Input Output Global (IOG), the team responsible for the development and research of Cardano, also corroborated Hoskinson’s assertion. 

In a recent tweet, IOG noted that it collaborated with Cardano Foundation to submit an updated proposal for Vasil on the mainnet, preparing Vasil for its mainnet deployment on September 22, 2022. 

“Vasil Update: This weekend, a joint @CardanoStiftung & IOG team successfully submitted an update proposal to the chain, setting the Vasil upgrade in motion for 22nd September,” IOG said. 

Input Output Global took out time to appreciate the technical support team, including Stake Pool Operators (SPOs), for their support toward the development of Vasil in the past few months. 

The long-awaited Vasil upgrade is considered the most significant Cardano hard fork since the inception of the network. 

Vasil’s Development and Progress 

Vasil was originally scheduled to launch by June end. However, the team behind the development postponed the Vasil launch to a later date due to some bugs found in a node. 

Since then, the team has worked relentlessly to fix the issue and have Vasil ship in earnest. Earlier this month, Hoskinson disclosed that Vasil would be deployed on September 22, 2022. 

The upgrade is tipped to roll out important features, including improved smart contract functionality, faster transaction times, and cheaper transactions. 

According to IOG, the new features Vasil is expected to introduce, such as node and CLI support for reference inputs, inline datums, reference scripts, and collateral outputs, will be made available on the Cardano mainnet on September 27, 2022. 

The new capabilities (including node and CLI support for reference inputs, inline datums, reference scripts, and collateral outputs), along with a new Plutus cost model, will become available for developers to utilize on mainnet exactly one epoch later, on September 27th.


— Input Output (@InputOutputHK) September 18, 2022

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