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Realio, A Blockchain-based Digital Asset Platform for the Real Estate Sector

Real estate is the most valuable asset class in the world, with more than $200 trillion locked up. Yet, despite its value, it is sorely in need of innovation. With blockchain integration, it could be possible to bring this asset class to the 21st century. Realio is one of the leading projects that’s looking to reshape this space with blockchain technology.

Realio primarily offers the following:

  • Investment opportunities for various asset categories with a focus on real estate private equity.
  • Tools required by third-party issuers to digitize assets and raise funds within the Realio network.
  • Utilize its tech stack as a private white-label solution.
  • Marketing services for projects on the Realio platform.

What is the Realio Network

The Realio Network is a multi-layer network architecture that accommodates tokenization on supported public permissionless blockchains such as Ethereum, Algorand, Stellar, Fusion, Binance Chain, and Ravencoin. This network is a two-layer system:

  • Layer-1

All the public, permissionless blockchains are part of Realio’s Layer-1. Realio uses a single protocol to standardize asset creation and issuance.

  • Layer-2

The Layer-2 of the Realio Issuance Network is in-charge of asset tokenization and compliance control. As a single point entry, the Layer-2 network incorporates a modular structure to include popular blockchains on Layer-1. Using this second layer, Realio can easily audit issuer control, transfer, and record asset ownership across blockchains.

The asset tracking protocols on Realio are modular in nature. It uses a shared, chain-agnostic security token standard to record all token transfers across Layer-1. The compliance control protocol has been built using Hyperledger Fabric and utilizes multiple chain code modules.

Realio Tokens

Realio uses three tokens in its ecosystem – RIO, rUSD, and RST.

  • RIO: A pure utility token that also functions as the native gas. It is used for fee payments, trading, discounts, stake delegation, etc. Users can create their own markets by staking RIO.

  • rUSD: A stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the USD and functions as a primary fiat on-off ramp to RealioX (Realio’s DEX). The USD is stored in Realio’s custodial partner Prime Trust account. The rUSD serves as the value transfer mechanism between different chains with Realio Issuance Network as intermediaries.

  • RST: Finally, the RST is a hybrid security/utility token. Holders can earn rewards by running nodes and from issuance fees and secure voting rights. Prior KYC/AML compliance is necessary to acquire RST.

Now let’s look at the two core components of Realio’s ecosystem – Wallet and DEX.

Realio Wallet

The Realio Wallet supports both fiat and crypto tokens on multiple Layer-one permissionless blockchains.

For Token Storage:

The Realio wallet is non-custodial for rUSD and other asset-backed tokens. The interface has an automated multi-currency key management system.

For Fiat Storage:

Users can transfer USD to their USD accounts through wire transfer, ACH (Automated Clearing House), and credit card. Prime Trust, Realio’s custodian partner, holds the fiat's custody and further extends similar options for Bitcoin and Ethereum assets.


Realio’s DEX app, RealioX, allows off-chain/on-chain order book databases and a GUI system for easy and secure trading. Realio’s in-built compliance protocol doesn’t allow users to transfer platform-issued tokens without verification, even though you can access the DEX and trade coins without needing to do any KYC compliance.

Here are some useful pointers about RealioX to keep in mind:

  • Realio-issued assets are built using the same set of rules, making them secondary market-compliant and eligible for instant listing on RealioX.
  • RealioX’s OTC (over-the-counter) functionality ensures that users can smoothly trade in large quantities within the network instantly and without any intermediaries.
  • Institutional fund users can use private chat functionality to engage in direct trade negotiations.
  • Engage in P2P wallet-to-wallet trading of tokens issued on other supported blockchains. Seamless interoperability is one of the core features of the Realio Network.
  • RealioX will add a customizable integrated trading bot feature to help traders in market-making, hedging, and arbitrage activities.
  • Users can trade 24X7 globally after meeting the mandatory compliance criteria and the lockup period.
  • RealioX users can earn 100% of the taker’s trading fee in RIO, using Realio’s market maker reward program.
  • RealioX users can do both basic and advanced trading. Basic trading uses a ‘Swap’ feature built into the Realio wallet GUI. On the other hand, advanced trading has additional functions such as margin trading, decentralized futures, and dark pools.

Realio also offers the Following

Realio’s team also offers a full marketing assistance package that includes:

  • Customer funnel identification.
  • KPI identifications through the funnel.
  • Community building strategy.
  • Marketing platforms identification.
  • Marketing budget determination.
  • Social marketing calendar creation.

Realio’s innovative solution completely disrupts the real estate industry and provides a one-point solution across the popular blockchains. This ensures that the investors have the liquidity and security to conduct large-scale investment. Realio’s ingenious, customized and user-friendly platform without stressing out about global compliance.

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