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9 Ways To Boost ICO Visibility With The Help Of A Multilingual White Paper

Kristin Savage

You already have a great ICO white paper, but it seems that it is not getting enough visibility. To solve this problem you should translate your white paper and make it multilingual. Here are nine ways how this will boost ICO visibility.

1. Impress on an International Level

Despite the grim predictions, ICOs can still be effective. If you can get your ICO paper to the international level, you will be able to impress more potential investors. Besides, it will also help raise the reputation of you and your ICOs.
The difference between cryptocurrencies and other kinds of ventures is that cryptocurrencies can immediately start on an international level while regular ventures start locally and then expand. In this sense, you have more opportunities right at the start and translating your white paper is a logical step towards using those opportunities.
In fact, going global is necessary for cryptocurrency projects to take off properly and gain the traction they need. This is another reason why making your white paper multilingual can significantly boost your ICO visibility and make your currency more attractive.

2. Prove Your Honesty and Professionalism

While reaching a larger audience is certainly important, it is not the only advantage of multilingual white papers. By translating your ICOs, you will prove your honesty and professionalism by showing the increased effort, time, and dedication you have for this cryptocurrency venture.
Investors want to see someone who is genuine about their intentions but remains professional about it at all times and no matter what the situation is. With the larger audience you get by going global, you have more potential customers and investors.
Your aim then is to make them want to work with you so that you are the one choosing who your partner will be rather than them choosing you as their partner out of thousands of other candidates.

3. Show the Seriousness of Your Intentions

05-07-2019 17:35:32  |   Investments
The problem with cryptocurrencies is that they are virtually new technology which means that there will be many scammers looking for easy money. Once these scammers succeed, such news spreads inside and outside of the community very quickly making potential investors wary of even those who are genuine.
On the other hand, your white paper helps protect against such unethical behavior and international investors know how to spot a suspicious project just by looking at the white paper. The future of your project largely depends on the technical documentation, so you must never disregard organizing and translating your white paper.
Ambiguous wording won't help you succeed and such aspects as the reliability of the technological architecture, the financial needs of the ICO, and the practical significance of the project should all be present in your document. Make your point as clear as possible.

4. Stay within the Law and Convey Your Idea

The future of ICO is currently undetermined. Some countries are trying to implement cryptocurrencies into their framework while others have banned digital currencies completely. In the former situation, it may be hard for you to use an ICO in some countries.
On the other hand, there is also good news too. The current laws and regulations concerning ICOs either don't work or have a negative effect on the industry. Sometimes it is only possible to learn about the security token only with the help of a white paper.
This is the case in the United States and certainly not the first or last attempt to regulate cryptocurrencies. Consequently, multilingual white papers seem like the best solution to this problem as they can still convey information to other potential investors.

5. Launch a Multilingual Word of Mouth

In order for your project to be discovered, you will have to launch a multilingual word of mouth which is possible with the help of a translated white paper. Nowadays, it is very easy to do it even with the help of an online translation service that you can select on PickWriters and start translating your white paper immediately.
The majority of developers nowadays prefer to post their white paper online usually on the website of their project. After that, the ICO itself follows and a link leads potential investors to the posted document that can be posted on one of the cryptocurrency forums.
If you make your white paper multilingual, it will have the potential to be discussed by more people speaking all kinds of languages. Such forums can have a viral effect on your white paper and you will be able to find investors much faster.

6. Reach All the Target Audience Segments

Obviously, you already know your target audience. However, you may not be able to reach all of its segments which can significantly affect your ICO visibility. With a multilingual white paper, on the other hand, you will be able to reach all the segments of your target audience.
It is crucial that you understand the basic needs and desires of your readers. Expressing what you offer in different languages can be challenging as each language has its own specifics. This is why translating your white paper with the help of a professional is so important.

7. Create Understanding with a Good Translation

As mentioned above, the cryptocurrency market is still fairly new and many people are wary of it. But those who do embrace it are the ones who truly understand and believe in it. If you potential investors to have this trust in and understanding of your ICO, you must translate your white paper.
Every person who studied English as a second language will tell you that they prefer getting information in their native language. In this sense, it is also a matter of respect when you make the extra effort to provide the paper in the relevant language. It helps build a relationship.

8. Mix Technical and Non-Technical Effectively

Most people evaluating your ICO white paper will not be experts in the technical bits of the cryptocurrency industry. This means that making your white paper accessible to everyone is essential for your cryptocurrency project to succeed.
The potential investors who may know the technical terms in their language may not be as proficient in English. They will simply be confused and feel like they are missing out something because they don't understand all of the technical parts. Your translation will help you mix the technical and non-technical in a way that will help your investors understand everything easily.

9. Start Being Aggressive With Your ICO

23-04-2019 17:08:19  |   Investments
Lastly, a multilingual white paper can help you start being aggressive with your ICO. You can make your ICOs attractive for venture capitals by following some steps, but a simple translation can be just as effective.
It's not enough to create your white paper and then sit and wait for someone interested to show up. You must be aggressive with pushing through your ICO and the best tool for this, of course, is your white paper translated into several languages.

Final Thoughts

All in all, boosting your ICO visibility is not that difficult once you understand why a multilingual white paper can do it so well. Follow the tips in this article and you will be on your way to finding the best investors for your cryptocurrency project.

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