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Triathon Leading the Innovation Integration of AI Training Platforms and AI+DeSci

21 March 2024 12:00, UTC

Tokyo,Japan: Triathon is reshaping our understanding of future Web3.0 and AI development with its revolutionary AI training platform and the concept of AI+DeSci.

AI+DeSci harnesses AI’s analytical and automation capabilities to accelerate scientific discovery and applications, ensuring transparency and fairness through decentralization. This not only speeds up the innovation and dissemination of scientific knowledge but also ensures the openness of the scientific research process and broad community participation, promoting healthy development in the fields of science and technology.

Triathon has not only driven the birth of a trustworthy and controllable AI project but has also established a new model combining AI training with Autonomous Intelligent Agents (AIAs) in the Web3.0 era.

Triathon’s vision is to provide an open and collaborative platform in the Web3.0 era where everyone, not just technologists, can participate in AI development, shaping the future together.

Triathon Achievements

Triathon has launched seven revolutionary blockchain security products developed through its autonomous AI training models, demonstrating its strength in technological innovation. The integration of Multi-Intelli Scanner (MIS) security software with these AI training models represents a seamless fusion of advanced technology, enhancing security measures further.

Moreover, Triathon’s achievements extend beyond the development of security products. With its AI+DeSci framework, Triathon is fostering a more open, collaborative, and transparent research environment, contributing to the rapid development of technology and offering community members the chance to participate in and influence future technological innovation.

Establishing Trustworthy and Controllable AI

Triathon has introduced AI+Fuzz technology to control the boundaries of AI functions, preventing deviations in training. By implementing dynamic AI training paths set by Triathon, AIAs are guided toward becoming trustworthy and reliable autonomous systems capable of independent decision-making while maintaining trustworthiness and controllability.

The Power of the Dual-Token Economic System

The well-designed dual-token model provides Triathon community members with diverse paths of participation and a rich incentive mechanism. The GEON token continues to play its role in circulation and application, covering a wide range of uses from NFT transactions to contract checks. The newly introduced GROW token, as a governance token, is dedicated to driving project governance and community building, expected to bring unprecedented community involvement and decision-making activity to Triathon.

GROW Token Launch and Governance

Triathon recently launched the GROW token, marking a significant milestone in governance tokens. This sets the foundation for a new era of decentralized governance and community-driven plans, initiating a more transparent, inclusive, and participatory governance model within the Triathon ecosystem. Through TriathonDAO, members now have direct influence over the project’s direction, highlighting the project’s commitment to decentralization and collective progress.

In addition, within Triathon’s vision, the GROW token is more than just a governance tool; it’s key to engaging holders in a broader range of ecosystem activities. Future plans reveal an exciting direction: users holding GROW tokens can participate in AI training processes and earn computational power rewards. This innovative mechanism offers unprecedented value and capabilities to GROW token holders, allowing them to contribute directly to the training and optimization of AI models while receiving substantial rewards.

The Future of DeSci Integration

The founding team shared their innovative measures in DeSci (Decentralized Science), aimed at promoting openness and transparency in AI research through decentralization. A decentralized data marketplace will be established on the Triathon platform, allowing researchers and contributors to freely buy, sell, and share data related to AI training. Privacy computing technology ensures that data processing and model training do not compromise the privacy of raw data.

Furthermore, through a grant program funded by GROW tokens, Triathon encourages researchers to contribute to the development of the Artificial Intelligent Agent (AIA) and openly share their findings. This not only facilitates knowledge sharing but also increases the transparency of research outcomes.

Finally, the founding team emphasized the importance of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for AIA governance. Within this mechanism, GROW token holders can vote on the training paths, ethical considerations, and future development of AIA, fully reflecting the spirit of community-driven and decentralized governance.

Future Plans: Expanding the Boundaries of AI

Triathon is committed to enhancing the capabilities of its Artificial Intelligent Agent (AIA), exploring its potential applications in deeper industries. The founding team states, “Our goal is not only to achieve breakthroughs in the security domain but also to extend AI applications to various fields, contributing to the progress of web3.0.”

Triathon’s exploration is not limited to existing technologies. With ongoing technological advancements and active community participation, Triathon will continue to explore new application scenarios, aiming to be a bridge between technology, innovation, and the community. By integrating the latest AI technologies and decentralized scientific principles, Triathon prepares not only to solve current issues but also for future challenges.

As blockchain and AI technologies rapidly develop, the demand for computational power grows. In the future, Triathon plans to share its surplus computational power with other fields, maximizing efficiency and opening up new application prospects.

Ultimate Goal: Building Autonomous and Trustworthy AI Systems

Triathon’s ultimate goal is to realize a trustworthy and controllable intelligent autonomous system. “We are developing an Artificial Intelligent Agent (AIA) capable of independent decision-making, and we ensure the safety and controllability of AI training through AI+Fuzz technology,” the founding team shares. More ambitiously, Triathon aims to realize the vision of “AI for AI,” creating a new era of autonomous AI technology development.

The founding team is optimistic about the future development of Triathon and expresses gratitude to everyone who has paid attention to and supported the project: “We are in an unprecedented era where the combination of AI+DeSci will unlock endless possibilities. Thank you to every community member for your support, which enables Triathon to continue progressing and together create a more intelligent, secure, and sustainable web3.0 digital world.”

Stay tuned as Triathon will soon unveil new GROW empowerment scenarios, ready to unfold a new chapter of intelligent evolution.

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