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MetaMonkey AI and Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Announce Their Partnership at the International R&D Cooperation Workshop

12 October 2022 08:37, UTC

Preview: Signed and MOU for Metaverse Platform Utilization and Commercialization

MetaMonkey AI announced a new partnership with NS Lab at Kumoh National Institute of Technology during the International R&D Cooperation Workshop held at the University on September 28th - 29th. The workshop was hosted by the ICT Convergence Specialization Research Center, led by Director Kim Dong- Seong. In attendance was Augustin Gohil, CEO of MetaMonkey AI, Awesome Austin, CMO and Andrew Cha (founder) along with officials from Cognitgo, NS Lab and ICT Research Center.

During the workshop University President Ho-Sang Kwak announced the partnership between MetaMonkey AI and Kumoh National Institute of Technology. By signing the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) the University and MetaMonkey AI are committed to developing and identifying global opportunities for technology trends in Blockchain and the Metaverse.

Augustin Gohil, CEO MetaMonkey AI, said, "By aligning the Metaverse capabilities of NSLab and the AI technologies of MetaMonkey AI, the possibilities are limitless. Our vision is to build the next generation of technologies, allowing today's most advanced companies and tomorrow's hottest emerging brands to generate new and innovative revenue streams."

Kim Dong-Seong, head of the ICT Convergence Specialization Research Center, said, "We expect that technology development in the related field will advance one step further through strategic cooperation between a company with excellent technology based on metaverse and NS Lab, a subsidiary of Kumoh University of Technology. "Through cooperation with global companies, we will further expand the area based on our own platform related to Metaverse and lead technology development.

About Cognitgo: Cognitgo provides AI technology solutions for the Metaverse platform, and develops AI technology solutions for various industries such as Automotive, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Service Industries.

About NS Lab: NS Lab, is a subsidiary of Kumoh University of Technology, they have developed numerous metaverse-based technologies, including 'Pure Wallet', a token trading system that enables offline transactions, and 'Creativia', a Metaverse platform.


Augustin Gohil
MetaMonkey AI

SOURCE: Cognitgo