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Meta Rivals: PvP Battle Royal - How it Works

07 October 2022 11:47, UTC

Gamers old enough to remember the traditional games like Snake appreciate the simplicity of games and how far we’ve come in overcomplicating them! Blockchain gaming has completed a total 180, drifting back into what gamers really what, simple yet entertaining gameplay. Meta Rivals is one of those blockchain gaming projects looking to put traditional Snake mechanics on the map through their nostalgic gameplay. 

What is Meta Rivals?

Meta Rivals is a revolutionary fantasy-themed MOBA game that utilizes blockchain technology and is boosted with NFTs. It allows players to compete with gamers worldwide with no initial access fees or taxes. The game takes its inspiration from the famous Snake games from the arcade gaming world and puts a new spin on it.

Players can choose from a library of ferocious snake-like beasts to enter the arena and engage in a nerve-wracking contest with other online players.

PvP gameplay, how does it work?

PvP gaming has been a fan favourite since the early days of online gaming. In Meta Rivals, players can put their skills to the test by battling it out with other players from around the world in real-time.

Unlike other traditional Snake games, Meta Rivals comes with a twist. Here's how it works:

  • The game's main objective is to take down opponents' snakes and consume the gold bars left in their wake to earn gold points.
  • Feeding on gems scattered around the arena will elongate your snake's length.
  • Meta Snakes die whenever their heads strike another Snake's tail or an obstacle.
  • To respawn, there will be a 5% deduction to a player's gold score, and the Meta Snake will return to its initial length.
  • At the end of the game, whoever has earned the most gold points wins!

Strategy Over Power

Players must be skillful at cornering their snakes into unsightly postures and gathering as many gold bars as possible before the time limit expires. Having a longer and faster snake makes tracking other players simpler.

Players can damage an opponent's Snake with direct attacks from projectiles and bombs. Snakes can shoot flames at opponents or leave bombs that detonate on a timer. A snake's health bar reduces every time they suffer a blow. Snakes die when their health bar goes to zero, but any direct headshot or damage to the head will kill the snake immediately.

Battle Royale, but for snakes?

If you're a fan of games like Fortnite, PUBG, or even the classic Snake game, then Meta Rivals is definitely for you. With its easy-to-understand mechanics and no entry fees, the game is perfect for Snake gaming fans looking for a way to test their fierce competition skills.

Meta Rivals has four primary game modes: a practice mode and three tournament modes daily, instant, and private/VIP.

The daily tournament is simple and allows its participants to earn daily rewards. The top two gold earners in the ranking receive 0.3 and 0.2 M-dollars every two hours, while the other 20 players receive prizes worth lesser amounts of M-dollars. Players use Gold coins to enter the Daily Tournament; these can be found by watching ads or through purchases within the app.

Note: The in-game currency of Meta Rivals is M-dollars. Players use M-dollars to improve their Meta Cards and participate in immediate game tournaments. Users can purchase M-dollars using fiat money or cryptocurrency at a rate of $1 per M-dollar (1 M-dollar = 1 USD).

For instant tournaments, players must have a minimum of 0.1 M-dollars. There are three game arenas in instant tournaments, and their entry fees vary as per the money and trophy points that can be earned from them.

The third and final type of tournament mode is the Private or VIP game mode. It is the only section of the Meta Rivals that is exclusive and only accessible by Rare Meta Card Holders.

Rare Meta Cards hold MetaKeys for unlocking exclusive access to Private games.

Users spend MetaKeys each time they enter a VIP tournament. Meta holders can recharge.

MetaKeys by playing in instant tournaments.


Meta Rivals is the perfect game for players looking for a challenge. With its easy-to-understand mechanics and no entry fees, the game is ideal for Snake gaming fans looking for a way to put their fierce competition skills to the test.