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Fortunejack Adds USDT as a New Payment Method

27 September 2022 13:28, UTC

Tether, otherwise known as USDT, is a stable currency with a value that can be linked to fiat currencies. If you are new to crypto, stablecoins will stay stable even if the crypto market experiences significant shifts and swings. The value of stablecoins is linked to other fiat money, thus ensuring stability.

As a result of Tether's stability, it is a prevalent payment option used by online casinos. The Tether may be used to play the most popular casino games, including online slots. You can expect quick deposits and withdrawals, so make no mistake. This is one of the finest and most stable payment options accessible at bitcoin casinos, which FortuneJack has recently joined as well, offering its users a new experience in Tether gambling like never before.

Let's talk more about USDT, Tether casinos and what is so special about this currency.

So, what is Tether, and how does it work?

Tether is a cryptocurrency that reflects the US dollar's value across blockchains. The issuer sends out the same Tether amount for every dollar deposited so that it can be used as a 1:1 exchange.

Tether is categorized as a fiat currency and is known as a stablecoin. It differs from other cryptocurrencies in that, unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, its price is fixed at $1 per token.

Tether is not used as an investment but rather as a virtual kind of currency. USDT is thus suitable for online gambling. Moreover, it gives additional security to blockchain-based coins and maintains a steady value.

Why should you choose Tether casinos to gamble?

There's a reason USDT gambling is becoming more and more popular. Among many advantages, the main one is, as mentioned, the fact that Tether is regarded as a stable currency. The reason is that it is intrinsically linked to the value of the US dollar, so there aren't any significant changes in the exchange rate, as you would see with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Other significant benefits USDT provides is virtually the same as that offered by other digital tokens. It is the built-in security feature of cryptocurrency coins, which is enhanced even more if the casino provides two-factor authorization.

Of course, there is also transaction speed, especially for payments, which may be finalized quickly.

Final remarks

If you are still unsure what coin to start your gambling experience with, the answer is unequivocally Tether. This crypto token is one of the most successful currencies for online casino gambling. It not only provides stability with its constant value, but it also makes every transaction quick and simple.

It mixes the finest of both worlds, providing the most of what fiat and cryptocurrency have to offer. So, now is the time to use your USDT to gamble and play your favorite games at the crypto casino you love the most.