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Do You Want To Get Paid? 6 Best Free Money Apps That Work

26 July 2022 07:31, UTC

If you're looking for ways to make extra cash on apps, you've come to the right place. After all, we live in a world where prices are rising fast. Really fast. In May 2022, consumer prices rose by an 8.6% annual rate, the highest in 40 years! Therefore, a little side hustle would not hurt anybody.

The good news is that we'll share three easy ways to get free cash by using your phone or laptop. There are apps for completing surveys, sharing internet data, and getting cash back. So whether you're looking to earn some extra pocket money, or want to cash in on some free gift cards, read on to find out how you can make free money on apps.

Complete Surveys

Completing surveys is a great way to make an extra buck on apps. When you have an extra minute to spare, why not turn it into money? Many applications will pay you for your opinion, including Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, and Swagbucks. Ready to earn?

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular survey companies out there, and they offer a variety of ways to cash out your earnings. You can choose to receive gift cards or PayPal cash. Their survey collection is vast, and you will definitely find an interesting topic!

InboxDollars will also pay you for completing surveys, and they give you $5 of free money just for signing up! But the app not only gives you a gift. They also offer a variety of other ways to earn cash, including watching videos and playing games.

Finally, Swagbucks is another company that offers many different surveys and other ways to earn money! In addition to surveys, you can also get paid for watching videos, shopping online, and even searching the web. What are you waiting for? Check your favorite survey app and start earning!

Share Internet Bandwidth

If surveys are not really your thing, you will definitely love the following app: Honeygain. This app not only has an intriguing title: it also pays you free money for sharing your internet bandwidth. That's right. We all use the internet, so why not get paid for it? Read on to see how!

First, you go to Honeygain's website and download the app. Next, create an account. Finally, open the app, keep your device turned on, and let Honeygain do its magic for you! You get dollars for doing nothing for every gigabyte of mobile data shared.

Now onto the fun stuff: how much can you earn? First things first, the app pays you $5 for simply creating an account! Make sure to complete your registration when the gift popup comes up, and don't close the window until it's finished. That's a lovely gift already! Secondly, for each 10GB shared, you get 3,000 Honeygain credits, or $3. If that's not free money, we don't know what is!

There is another critical thing to cover: security. Is it safe to use Honeygain? While the app is sharing your internet bandwidth, it encrypts it, so you can be sure there is nothing suspicious going on. The app does not access your storage, so your privacy is in check.

So there you have it, an app that pays for sharing your internet. One last thing - when you invite your friends, you get 10% of their earnings. To be clear, that is not taken from them and works as a bonus to you! Head over to Honeygain's website and start earning today.

Get Cash Back

Are you looking for money on apps that don't involve sharing the internet or completing surveys? You might want to consider getting cash back. A few different apps offer free money cash back, but the two most popular are Ibotta and Rakuten.

Ibotta is a grocery rebate app that gives you cash back on your in-store and online purchases. You must take a picture of your receipt and scan the barcodes of the items you bought. It's that simple, so you should give it a try!

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is a cashback site that gives you rebates on your online purchases. They partner with over 3,500 retailers, so you'll likely find cash back on almost anything you buy. But wait – there's more. The app gives you $10 of free money on your first $25 purchase!

Cash back is a great way to make your shopping bill smaller. After all, why pay more, when you can pay less? That’s right. Choose your favorite option and get your cash back!

Apps Help To Defend Against Inflation

With prices rising fast, you need to earn money more quickly! And these money-making apps are the perfect solution. Whether sharing your internet bandwidth using Honeygain or completing surveys, the choice is yours. Take control of your earnings, and boost them today!