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Brickken reaches its Pre-Sale Target

06 April 2022 07:08, UTC

Two years ago Brickken set out on its mission to allow the world to tokenize itself. With the benefits in trading that blockchain technology enables, such as the absence of downtime and the low barriers to entry, one can quickly envision its application to traditional finance. Perhaps the biggest aspect is bringing securities and assets on-chain and subsequently fractionalizing the representing Security Token. On the one hand, this enables investments in Small- and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) for retail investors with small ticket sizes. On the other hand, it opens up a whole new way of raising funds for said companies by focusing their efforts on this enormous pool of investors. Not only that but also to create a community of investors in which you can not only allow influence and voting in the company but various other benefits such as access rights or product discounts.

About 7 months ago, Brickken announced the pre-sale of its token. The BKN, being the powerhouse and foundation of the business model, planned to distribute 25% of its supply to early investors sharing our vision. Over these months, they have seen an exponential interest as the awareness grew.

As a result, they can happily announce that after 7 short months the allocated supply has been filled. A supply corresponding to $2,000,000 in raised capital. Capital that is allocated to the development of our platform, expansion of public awareness, and the growth of Brickken as a leading actor in the space.

Alongside €325.000 in subsidies given by Neotec, a Spanish fund with connections to the European Investment Fund (EIF), Brickken has managed to onboard 5 highly skilled developers from all across the world. Something that will advance the product development and will allow us to start offering investors interesting investment opportunities in the very near future.

All of this would not have been possible without the trust of our 1,900 pre-sale investors and the backing of our 2 Venture Capitalists, Varys Capital and OxCapital. Our investors has allowed us to now put all our efforts into the launch on an exchange, the development of our tech and infrastructure that will make all Brickkne’s vision come to fruition, for the world to tokenize itself.