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Revolutionizing Crypto Trading: Meet ENON

Venturing into the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading has never been more promising, thanks to the launch of ENON. This groundbreaking platform is poised to redefine the trading experience, placing a strong emphasis on simplicity, security, and user-friendliness. Let’s delve into what makes ENON the herald of the next era of crypto trading.

15 March 2024 14:52, UTC
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Cluck, Pluck, and Luck: The Genius of Hectic Turkey's Buy Back & Burn

In the diverse ecosystem of cryptocurrency, standing out requires not just a catchy name or a vibrant community, but a solid strategy that ensures long-term value and stability. Enter Hectic Turkey, a project that’s been ruffling feathers in the DeFi space with its innovative autonomous buyback and burn mechanism. “We wanted to create something that wasn’t just a flash in the pan,” says Bryan Legend, the mastermind behind Hectic Turkey. “Our buyback and burn mechanism is like Thanksgiving dinner—thoughtfully planned, eagerly anticipated, and satisfying long after it’s over.”

14 March 2024 10:05, UTC
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Sinum.app Unveils Version 2.0: Enhanced Features and Visual Touch-ups

Sinum.app proudly announces the launch of its Version 2.0 with updated design and new useful features. It will elevate user experience, providing easier ways for managing crypto assets and staying informed about the latest developments in the cryptocurrency space.

11 March 2024 11:00, UTC
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Get Ready for SpaceCatch: Token Listing, Airdrop, and Beta Launch!

SpaceCatch, the leading crypto and blockchain game, is thrilled to announce its partnership with key CEXs on the market for its $CATCH token listing, marking a significant milestone within its ecosystem development.

29 February 2024 14:59, UTC
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Introducing VNTR DAO - Revolutionizing Decentralized Venture Capital

In an unprecedented move in the decentralized finance landscape, VNTR DAO is proud to announce its launch as the first decentralized investment protocol on the Arbitrum network. VNTR DAO is set to redefine the paradigm of crypto investments with its novel economic model and governance structure, empowering its community members to actively partake in the future of decentralized venture capital.

10 February 2024 19:54, UTC
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altFINS launches Trade & Earn program to reward traders with premium features

altFINS has announced the launch of the Trade & Earn program, which rewards traders with access to Premium Tier features on the altFINS platform. This is a truly unique value proposition not offered by any DEX, DEX Aggregator or wallet provider.

09 February 2024 12:29, UTC
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$CATCH Presale Sold Out, Next Phase to Launch in March 2024

After several months since the first announcement in which SpaceCatch, a crypto project that took the industry by storm, disclosed to the public that they were beginning their $CATCH token presale phase, now, in early February 2024, SpaceCatch announces that they have completed their presale stage, raising a total of $3.37M.

07 February 2024 13:57, UTC
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Hectic Turkey: The Memecoin Stirring Up the Crypto Coop

Gobble up the opportunity to be part of the latest craze in the crypto coop — Hectic Turkey! This new memecoin isn’t just another bird in the flock. Launched on the robust

07 February 2024 13:53, UTC
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Vitruveo Surpasses $1 Million Milestone in NFT Sales, Strengthens Ecosystem with Successful Fundraising

Vitruveo, the groundbreaking blockchain platform designed exclusively for creators, proudly announces a significant milestone, having exceeded $1 million in NFT (Non-Fungible Token) sales. The achievement marks a momentous step forward for the ecosystem, which has rapidly gained traction within the creator and Web3 community.

24 January 2024 13:21, UTC
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Vitruveo Rolls Out the World’s First Auto-Rebasing Protocol

Vitruveo is not just another blockchain platform; it is a dedicated Blockchain for Creators, utilizing an EVM-based protocol as the bedrock for constructing a decentralized ecosystem. Focused on empowering creators in various domains, Vitruveo aims to unlock sustainable income for visual artists, musicians, gamers, filmmakers, and beyond, by fostering trust, leveraging technology, and building a vibrant community.

23 January 2024 09:28, UTC
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SpaceCatch Soars to New Heights: Token Presale Sells Out, Launchpad Round Awaits

SpaceCatch, the groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) game, has experienced remarkable growth and momentum! With its token presale selling out within a month, the last option to $CATCH the golden ticket will be in the Launchpad round in February 2024.

11 January 2024 14:57, UTC
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Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Investors Look to Script Network (SCPT) 's Launching to Boost Their Portfolio

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, investor attention is a coveted commodity, and the landscape is ever-evolving. Recently, Shiba Inu (SHIB) investors have found themselves at a crossroads as the allure of Script Network ($SCPT) intensifies.

22 December 2023 13:12, UTC
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SpaceCatch Presale Breaks Through $1.6M, FOMO Fueling Investor's Enthusiasm

A few days after SpaceCatch announced the completion of the first phase of its $CATCH token presale, raising $600,000, SpaceCatch has swiftly crossed the halfway mark of its targeted fundraising amount of $2.2 million, already reaching $1.6 million.

18 December 2023 11:11, UTC
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ChainGPT Pad is ranked as the #1 launchpad: A Story of Rapid Success and Recognition

Since its inception in June 2023, ChainGPT Pad has redefined success in the blockchain and crypto industry. This IDO platform and incubator for Web3 projects quickly stood out not just for its innovative approach but also for its careful mentorship program. ChainGPT Pad is known for its thorough selection criteria, focusing on teams that show high potential and exceptional talent.

18 December 2023 11:01, UTC
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BC.GAME Honored with the “Best Casino Operator 2023” Award from SiGMA

Malta, November 15, 2023 — BC.GAME, a leading innovator in online gambling, proudly announces its recognition with the prestigious Best Casino Operator 2023 award by SiGMA. This esteemed accolade, presented at the SiGMA Europe 2023 event, marks BC.GAME’s distinguished standing among the world’s top online casinos. The award celebrates BC.GAME’s commitment to excellence in providing engaging and responsible gaming experiences.

04 December 2023 14:16, UTC
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NORDEK’s Launchpad PlutoPad Initiates StarNest's Private Sale

Plutopad, the first launchpad built on the NORDEK Blockchain earlier today announced the private sale of StarNest. This innovative platform is an immersive interstellar-themed blockchain dApp that incorporates elements of virtual real estate, an NFT collection, staking, and token minting within a cosmic ecosystem.

30 November 2023 14:40, UTC
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SpaceCatch Raised Over $450K During First Week of $CATCH Presale and Launches a Referral System

A few months after the initial announcement of the upcoming $CATCH launch, the next-generation mobile game, SpaceCatch, has successfully launched its token presale and has already raised over $450.000 in the first ten days.

27 November 2023 14:09, UTC
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The $CATCH Token Pre-sale Is Live – Over $200,000 Raised In The First Days!

After almost a year and a half of active development of the long-awaited mobile game SpaceCatch, the main product has finally arrived — the $CATCH token. The pre-sale of this token is planned in three phases, with the first phase having started yesterday.

16 November 2023 11:56, UTC
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Why is the Fed so Worried about Stablecoins?

If somebody takes pains to emphasize to you that he’s a “legitimate businessman”, you can’t help wondering about the wisdom of trusting him with your money. Similarly, when a kind of cryptocurrency calls itself a “stablecoin”, you start to question whether it’s the type of thing in which you should invest.

01 November 2023 12:30, UTC
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Fighting Quantum Computing in Blockchain Networks

Navigating through the ever-evolving web of blockchain technology, a constant fear lurks in the shadows: the appearance of quantum computing. As we rapidly move towards a future filled with quantum capabilities, the correlation between quantum computers and their use in blockchain networks becomes a subject that raises more and more awareness in the crypto community.

23 October 2023 10:43, UTC