Malaysian Securities Commission Has Registered Three Crypto Exchanges
05 June 2019 08:12, UTC
In accordance with the law, crypto exchanges must be registered by SC, and approved exchanges take up to nine months to achieve compliance with regulatory standards
Precedent: Israeli Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Cryptocurrency Exchange
04 June 2019 12:15, UTC
Israeli Supreme Court ruled that Leumi Bank cannot block the account of the Bits of Gold cryptocurrency exchange on regulatory concerns
Walmart Joins MediLedger Consortium To Implement Blockchain In Pharma Supplies
03 June 2019 11:22, UTC
This is a new step from Walmart to the inclusion of blockchain technologies in its business processes
Cardano Is Almost Ready to Launch Shelley
03 June 2019 08:45, UTC
First of all, Cardano is preparing to launch a testnet, which is expected to be deployed in June among a small pool of developers before the public release
Image of The Week, May, 27 — 31: The Street, News BTC, Bleeping Computer, and Others
31 May 2019 14:40, UTC Ian Marchewski
Another Satoshi wannabe, FedEx bets on blockchain and Aboriginal sold for bitcoins in our weekly crypto media roundup.
The Difficulty of Bitcoin Mining Reached a Historic High
31 May 2019 10:48, UTC
The price of Bitcoin reached a maximum since the beginning of the year, briefly exceeding $ 9,000, at the same time the difficulty of its mining reached a historical maximum
Mysterious Investor Is Looking For an Opportunity to Buy 25% of All BTC
31 May 2019 07:38, UTC
The investment company Dadiani Syndicate reported that a wealthy client approached her, who wanted to acquire 25% of the first cryptocurrency
John McAfee To Launch His Own Cryptocurrency
30 May 2019 09:20, UTC
A well-known crypto enthusiast stated that the coin cannot be mined and there will be no ICO. He added that he is not looking for investors and his coin will not be listed
The Cobinhood Founder: "There is no exit scam, neither bankruptcy"
30 May 2019 07:49, UTC
The Taiwanese сrypto exchange Cobinhood has been at the centre of the scandal for several days. Users suspect it of fraud and exit-scam
German Regulator BaFin Suspects CoinBene In Illegal Activities
29 May 2019 11:59, UTC
Germany's financial regulator BaFin claims that CoinBene recruits freelance traders who receive commissions for their activity
Binance: No Margin Trading For Users From Five Regions, Including the US
29 May 2019 08:21, UTC
Notably, the service will be unavailable for accounts not only in the United States of America but also in Iran, Cuba, Crimea, and North Korea
Korean Won Becomes the Third Most Popular Fiat Ccurrency for Buying Bitcoin
28 May 2019 12:03, UTC
LocalBitcoins reports an increase in transactions from South Korea on their platform. Such activity apparently also occurs on other exchanges throughout whole May
EOS Founder Hints New Milestone, Price Soars Up 12%
28 May 2019 08:15, UTC
Against the background of vague hints of new updates, the EOS developer company Block.one is trying to buy out 10% of its own stock. The market responds with growth
$10,000 or FOMO? Opinions Divide Concerning The Price of Bitcoin
27 May 2019 11:12, UTC
The market seems to be inspired by the news that the main institutional investors show interest in cryptocurrencies. But not all traders give positive forecasts
Justin Sun Does It Again: Hints In Twitter Affect TRX and BTT Prices
27 May 2019 08:26, UTC
In his message, Justin claims that “something huge and amazing” is happening with TRON and BitTorrent and that he plans to share the news after June 1
Cointelligence Report: HitBTC Funds Supposedly Are About $ 3 Mln Only
24 May 2019 09:34, UTC
Cointelligence analysts have compared some of HitBTC statistics with other leading exchanges and believe that the crypto exchange may be insolvent
Telecom Giant AT&T Started Accepting Bitcoin Payments
24 May 2019 07:50, UTC
The company has partnered with Bitpay to let users pay for the services with cryptocurrencies. Customers can pay their bills via the AT&T online platform
The Swiss National Stock Exchange Plans To Create Franc-backed Stablecoin
23 May 2019 08:42, UTC
According to CoinDesk, the main goal of a stable coin development is to facilitate transactions on the SDX digital exchange, which will be launched in the second half of the year
BREAKING: Tether Admits Investing In Bitcoin, But Claims NYAG Case To Be Dismissed
22 May 2019 09:32, UTC
The Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange and the stablecoin Tether admitted in court that part of the USDT backing reserves were used to invest in bitcoins
The Japanese House of Representatives Introduced New Crypto Regulations
22 May 2019 08:10, UTC
The lower house has moved crypto-related amendments to the existing financial law to the House of Councillors at a recent plenary session

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