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Weset: Pioneering Real-World Asset Tokenization

04 December 2023 14:05, UTC

In the accelerating world of Real-World Asset (RWA) tokenization, Weset has been making significant strides, quietly building a robust platform that’s now impossible to ignore. With a vision to dominate a market projected to reach $10 trillion by 2030, Weset, powered by its utility token Wecoin ($WECO), stands as a beacon for crypto enthusiasts and RWA investors.

Weset’s Ecosystem: A Triad of Innovation

At the heart of Weset’s innovation lies its threefold structure:

  1. $WECO: A utility token that provides RWA discounts and rewards for holders.
  2. Weset.app: A RWA token marketplace for buying and selling with crypto or credit card.
  3. Weset Enterprise: Custom RWA collections and pages for asset owners.

The Forefront of the Crypto Bull Market: Real-World Assets

As the crypto market gears up for another bull run, Weset stands ready to lead the charge with RWA tokenization. This overall strategic shift from speculative ventures like the metaverse to tangible, practical, income-generating assets marks a pivotal advancement in blockchain utilization, with Weset at the forefront.

El Salvador’s Legal Framework: Ensuring Trust and Compliance

Weset ensures regulatory compliance by launching all token collections under its Digital Assets Service Provider license issued by the El Salvador National Commission of Digital Assets. This provides investors with the confidence that tokenized projects launched through Weset meet the highest standards of legality and authenticity since all projects are rigorously vetted by the leading global regulatory body of digital assets.

Accomplishments and Market Dominance

Weset’s recent accolade, the PropTech Latam 2023 Award for Best FinTech Solution in Real Estate, underscores its innovative edge. With a small market cap of $3 million for $WECO, the price of the token does not yet reflect the strong project fundamentals. Pioneering achievements like credit card integration and Web2 logins have expanded global access to RWA tokenization. The imminent launch of a secondary marketplace will further enhance the value for $WECO and RWA token holders by providing more options and positioning Weset as a leader in the field and the OpenSea of tokenized RWA.

The Weset Marketplace: A Diverse Investment Hub

The Weset.app marketplace is an expanding hub for a variety of tokenized assets, from Bitcoin mining and Riviera Maya real estate to luxury glamping site memberships. Upcoming projects like the tokenization of plastic-to-energy facilities and Mexican bonds with high yields showcase Weset’s commitment to offering diverse investment opportunities. Through their Enterprise program, they directly with asset owners to build RWA collections that add value to the weset.app marketplace as well as $WECO holders.

weset.app marketplace

$WECO: The Backbone of Weset’s Ecosystem

$WECO, on Binance Chain and thoroughly audited by Certik, is integral to the Weset ecosystem. It provides holders with benefits such as rewards and discounts when trading for RWA tokens on the weset.app marketplace. In essence, the coin is backed by a variety of RWA providing passive income or tangible benefits to a global community of holders.

November 2023 price action

Engage with Weset: The Future of Tokenization Awaits

“I am proud of all that we accomplished, but we have so much more to build in order to securely scale this industry to the mainstream. In the coming month we’re launching a secondary marketplace in order to add more value and liquidity for $WECO and RWA token holders. Then we’ll focus on automatic asset owners to the tokenized world.” — Geoff Turnbull, Weset COO

As Weset continues to expand its asset offerings and enhance its services, the opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to explore this innovative platform is ripe. $WECO is readily accessible on PancakeSwap and directly on weset.app. The team is fully doxxed and regularly do AMAs. The CEO and COO regularly respond directly to the Weset community in their Telegram chat. While they have hinted at some major collaborations, they remain tight-lipped for now.

Weset is not just evolving; it’s revolutionizing the way we perceive and interact with real-world assets. With a team committed to transparency and innovation, Weset is poised to redefine the landscape of asset tokenization. Stay tuned, as this journey is only the beginning, promising a future where blockchain technology and real-world assets harmoniously converge, creating unprecedented opportunities for investors worldwide.

Helpful links:

Telegram: https://t.me/WecoinDiscussionGroup

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WESET_io

Marketplace: weset.app

Whitepaper: weset.io/whitepaper/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@weset_io