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Web3 Crypto News — Metacade Launching Up-and-Coming P2E Game

18 December 2023 12:58, UTC

Metacade is making crypto news headlines, and for all the right reasons. A new crypto project aiming to lead the play-to-earn revolution, Metacade has captured the attention of investors after recently upgrading its platform and adding new games to its growing library. Dive in to uncover what Metacade is and why it could be the hottest GameFi project around.

Bullish crypto news: Metacade adds new P2E games amid public beta launch

Metacade is rapidly gaining traction as one of the hottest destinations in the play-to-earn (P2E) arena, positioned as a one-stop hub for all things GameFi. Recent crypto news has supercharged investor enthusiasm, thanks to a slew of up-and-coming games joining the platform’s roster. These additions have coincided with the successful public beta launch on November 28th


Joining fan favorites like EV.IO, Gold Fever, and MetaStrikers, Metacade has enriched its portfolio by adding titles such as Ember Sword and Shockwaves. Ember Sword is one of the most significant additions to the platform, merging social sandbox MMORPG elements with advanced blockchain technology. Meanwhile, Shockwaves introduces an electrifying, music-based FPS experience.

Both games bring unique elements: Ember Sword brings engaging community-driven narrative and Shockwaves brings unique AI-based communication and strategic gameplay.

This wave of new crypto games marks another milestone in Metacade’s impressive journey. After raising $16+ million in its presale, Metacade has grown its ecosystem from the ground up, offering high-quality gaming experiences and securing some big-name collaborations, such as with Sweat Economy to help draw in gaming and fitness fans.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is the premier spot in the blockchain gaming world, where the excitement of P2E fuses with the spirit of a thriving community. It’s where gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and developers unite, exploring thrilling GameFi titles and actively sculpting the industry’s future. It made waves in Web3 crypto news as one of P2E’s fastest-growing projects.

But Metacade’s appeal isn’t just its vast library of games. It’s a broad ecosystem, offering a dedicated job board for career opportunities in Web3, engaging tournaments, an innovative game launchpad, and an exclusive game developer funding scheme. Key to this bustling ecosystem is the MCADE token, a versatile token fueling everything from tournament participation to rewarding community contributions.

Earlier in May this year, Metacade Lite launched to massive acclaim, offering a glimpse of the final platform. In late November, it debuted its public beta, met with an overwhelmingly positive reaction and gained an additional 10,000 users in the first week of launch. Praised for its feature-rich experience, Metacade has made significant steps toward delivering the comprehensive user-driven P2E platform investors envisioned and cementing its position as a standout in the GameFi arena.

How does Metacade work?

Metacade has captured the attention of the crypto news world with its unique approach to gaming and earning. Multiple avenues are open to members looking to boost their incomes.

P2E allows users to earn tokens and NFTs for excelling in games. The Compete2Earn program elevates this, offering tournaments and competitions to win even greater rewards.

Create2Earn, meanwhile, incentivizes community members to contribute content, like game reviews or valuable insights in return for MCADE tokens. For those looking at more professional involvement, Work2Earn offers opportunities ranging from game testing to fully established developer roles within the GameFi industry.

The platform’s Metagrant scheme is a notable feature. Aiming to fuel the next generation of P2E titles, Metagrants offer up-and-coming developers a chance to win funding from the Metacade treasury. Game proposals are submitted for the community to vote on, with the finished title exclusively added to Metacade’s virtual arcade!

The future of Metacade

As one of the hottest new cryptos on the block, Metacade’s future sparkles with promise. Notable partnerships with Web3 developers MetaStudio and Somnio place Metacade ahead of the competition.

Looking ahead, Metacade’s roadmap is brimming with ambitious plans. It is forging additional partnerships, launching an AI gaming chatbot, venturing into AR/VR gaming, and rolling out an NFT marketplace, among other bullish developments. These milestones are expected to unfold over the next few months, much to the delight of the growing Metacade community.

This continued evolution and expansion are projected to further boost the MCADE token and Metacade has seen an increase in support throughout the gaming market since its launch on public exchanges. The token price is currently sitting at $0.015. However, the token appears considerably undervalued post-public beta launch, hinting at significant growth potential in 2024.

Metacade could be one of the best GameFi investments around

As Metacade continues to make headlines in crypto news, it’s clear that the platform is becoming a force to reckon with in P2E gaming. It rapidly evolved from a new crypto contender to a trailblazer, demonstrated by its successful public beta launch and a stream of exciting, fresh games.

Boosted by a roadmap teeming with ambitious developments, Metacade’s MCADE token looks set to soar. For savvy investors, jumping on board with Metacade now could spell highly profitable returns in 2024 as the platform continues to expand and set the pace in the GameFi landscape.

To buy Metacade (MCADE), visit the official Metacade website.