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We Are All Creators - Gate.io Initiates A New Era of Paid Creation


With the approach of the Web 3 world, more and more people are actively participating in building it. But there are still a lot of good articles and works scattered around, making people tired of hustling on different platforms to learn about complex information.

Gate.io hopes to gather more crypto-space users and creators interested in web3 to focus on a better platform to share ideas and information. We let people who really love blockchain become KOLs and high-quality creators on Gate.io, so as to attract more followers and stand out in many communities.

Therefore, Gate.io crypto exchange officially launches the “Bounty Creator” plan, and we sincerely invite all users with ideas, talent, and enthusiasm for the crypto space to submit. There is no limit to the type of submitted work. Submissions can be made across various mainstream social platforms. High-quality creators have the opportunity to get rich rewards from Gate.io and become Gate.io columnists.

Ways of participation

Step 1. Select the [topic of submission] and create your work.
Step 2. Publish your work in the specified format to the specified [Submission Platform].
Step 3. Fill in the application form for participation.

Topics of submission

Advance columns

  • Your feelings about the Gate Platform

  • Your feelings about Gate products

  • Experience participating in the trading competition

  • Platform benefits

  • Market insights

  • Analysis of bullish/bearish coins in the next month

  • Impact of hot events on various currencies

  • How US stocks/interest rate hike /world situation affects cryptocurrency market

  • Mutual checks and balances between currencies

No limit to the type of submitted works

Long article or video. Articles over 600 words and video over 3 minutes.

According to short posts, long articles, and videos, the submission platforms are divided into three categories, including 8 platforms in the Gate.io stack for submission. Once you write and submit, Gate will pay!

1. Gate Post Space

Submit with topic hashtag #GateioBountyCreator and directly publish posts on your personal account.

2. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Discord

Submit with topic hashtag #GateioBountyCreator and @ official account, and directly publish posts on personal accounts.

3. Youtube and TikTok

Create videos with the topic hashtag #GateioBountyCreator and @ official account, and directly publish posts on personal accounts (the titles/subtitles of your videos shall be posted with the topic hashtag #GateioBountyCreator)

4. Official Email

Email title: [Bounty Creator] + article title
Content: Text can be put into an email or Google online document
Submission email: gatecreation@gate.io


The Gate.io “Bounty Creator” plan conducts submission selection and reward distribution in multiple time periods every week/month/year. Users will have the opportunity to win prizes once they submit their work. We will randomly select 20 lucky fellows from the users who submit their works every week to give them a participation prize of $5-10 equivalent, including tokens, bonuses, points, etc; Every time you complete a selected column, you will have the chance to get $50~200 random tokens in rewards.

In addition, users who are committed to participating in Gate.io’s “Bounty Creator” plan also have the opportunity to receive rich rewards such as Crypto Expo attendance, physical accessories, and random tokens.

Join us now! Gate.io gives you a bigger stage!

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