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Volatility doesn’t matter: Andreessen Horowitz invests $300 million in crypto fund

The venture capital company called Andreessen Horowitz has invested $300 million in a fund with relation to the cryptocurrency market, the financial media reports.

The initiative has also been confirmed by company’s general partner Chris Dixon who notably told CNBC that the market would have ‘many more’ ups and downs in the future - and there can be good moments for making an investment.

This contradicts the current general mood on the market - for example, some reporters went as far as to bury Bitcoin. The latter has recently regained some lost positions, at the press time costing $6,257.54 (according to the aggregated crypto exchanges’ data from Coinmarketcap).

07-09-2017 21:00:00  |   News

Last year, the news on the Japanese GMO’s $300M mining hardware investment went largely unnoticed. At the beginning of June this year, the first fruits of the money spent have become apparent to the public - the corporation has presented a mining chip with good technical capabilities. By using this example, one can estimate that we would see the first results of this news on Andreessen Horowitz in 6 to 10 months.

Image: Fortune

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