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TitanSwap’s Innovative Function is Providing Excellent User Experience

06 May 2022 09:32, UTC

One month after getting listed on Kucoin and Bithumb in April, TitanSwap has successfully expanded its market and accumulated a wider communities, who has offered numerous positive feedback after they experienced the new features and system upgrade on TitanSwap platform.

In the interface, users can browse or search for popular tokens and newly created trading pairs with one click. Users can also add the interested tokens into the Favorite list, making it easier for them to identify the tokens.

In addition, real-time price curves, limit specified transaction price as well as limit order history in the Swap can also be easily checked and researched by users. Canceling a limit order, adding or removing liquidity pool is no longer difficult. This user-friendly interface covers all the aforementioned functions, which is efficient, saving users lots of time.

In the meantime, unlike other platforms where users need to click into different pages to browse recent trading pair trading history, TitanSwap offered the users a clear table listing the ETH amount, ILV amount, account number and time in the Recent Transaction section, helping users better make investment decisions.

The most impressive function of TitanSwap will be it is offering users the ability to identify suitable trading pairs on different public chains and different DEXs through switching between different networks in one click. This greatly solve the problem of fragmentation of liquidity. At present, TitanSwap has aggregated the liquidity of multiple DEXs on Ethereum and BNB Chain; and it is still aggregating more chains and DEXs for a better user-experience and upgrade of the whole ecosystem.

Being an aggregator platform that focuses on providing excellent user experience, TitanSwap is deemed to play a greater role in the DeFi system and lead a new generation of DEX.