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The 6 Best Long-Term Crypto Investments in Presale During March, 2023

15 March 2023 12:19, UTC

Blockchain technology is at the forefront of several technological advancements, which is exactly why many of the best long term investment opportunities can be found in crypto. The current best long term crypto investments span across multiple sectors of blockchain, including NFTs, GameFi, and DeFi.

For investors looking to make major returns, here are the best long term crypto investments to check out right now. Every token in this list is at the earliest stage of their funding, which means they have the highest potential for growth. The top 6 presale tokens to buy now are:

  • Metacade (MCADE)

  • Renq Finance (RENQ)

  • EstateX (ESX)

  • Fancythattoken (FNCY)

  • Artyfact (ARTY)

  • MetaBlaze (MBLZ)

1. Metacade (MCADE)

Metacade is one of the best long term crypto to buy now, due to its huge upcoming on-chain arcade, and its prospects to become the largest community-driven project of its kind. The platform will offer a massive selection of play-to-earn titles, each with integrated financial rewards. Metacade also plans to offer competitive gameplay, making its metaverse arcade a truly comprehensive GameFi experience.

As a long term investment opportunity, it could prove difficult to find a better prospect than Metacade. The project has incredible potential for growth after its presale, thanks to its ability to attract a huge number of users. Metacade will offer advanced earning mechanics that go beyond simply gaming, and move to incorporate features appealing to any type of crypto enthusiast out there.

Alongside being one of the best long term cryptos to buy now, Metacade looks as if it could rapidly become a central hub for all Web3 users in the future. The platform intends to be a vital portal to the latest trends in blockchain gaming, as well as offering some of the most valuable alpha across the scene. By rewarding all content creators with MCADE tokens for sharing information on the platform, incentives for users to keep creating content and returning to the platform are strong.

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Metacade also aims to create new jobs for crypto enthusiasts through its innovative Work2Earn mechanic. This system will connect blockchain users to new job opportunities in Web3, allowing anyone to kick start their career in the space.

All of these features combined make Metacade one of the best long term investment opportunities. Its huge addressable audience alongside practical features should help contribute to the future progress of cryptocurrency adoption.

2. Renq Finance (RENQ)

Renq Finance is a multichain protocol focused on blockchain interoperability. It will launch a multichain DEX, allowing traders to purchase and sell assets across multiple blockchain networks. As interoperability is a key inefficiency in Web3, Renq Finance is helping to drive the industry forwards.

Renq Finance also offers DeFi services including flash loans. This feature is modelled on highly successful protocols such as Aave, which allow users to lend crypto for a passive income, and borrow digital assets against their position.

Last but not least, the new project offers the Renq Vault which provides passive income for stakers across several blockchains. By combining useful DeFi services across multiple blockchains, RENQ could become a leading project in Web3 over time.

3. EstateX (ESX)

EstateX is a brand-new blockchain project that makes real estate investment accessible to everyone around the world using decentralized technologies. By tokenizing real estate and allowing users to trade through a fractal investment method, users can purchase portions of multiple properties for the chance to make a profit.

What makes EstateX valuable is its approach to democratizing real estate, leveraging blockchain technology to offer an easy entry point onto the property ladder. Investing in the ESX ICO could result in major gains down the line, making it one of the best long term crypto investment opportunities.

Combining traditional real estate techniques with innovative technology, EstateX has what it takes to capture a large part of the market. It's certainly worth considering for anyone looking to trade tokenized real estate and is definitely a top new crypto to try out.

4. Fancythattoken (FNCY)

Fancythattoken is the native token for I Fancy That. It’s one of the best long term crypto investment opportunities because the FNCY token enables digital payments through a custom wallet. It can be used to purchase real estate products from a variety of industries, giving it great utility within Web3.

I Fancy That is introducing a range of services to help FNCY holders make the most out of their blockchain experience, including a unified wallet that connects all services on the new platform and allows for easy trading. Users can buy and sell a variety of tokens as either short term trades or long term investments.

Additionally, users will be able to get their hands on a prepaid Visa card that allows them to spend their crypto online or at physical stores around the world. The card also includes support for instant conversions from crypto to fiat, one of many reasons why Fancythattoken has made it onto the list of top presale opportunities.

5. Artyfact (ARTY)

Artyfact has been described as one of the first AAA game-quality projects on the blockchain due to its unique characteristics. This makes ARTY one of the best long term crypto investment opportunities during its presale – the earliest stage of investment in Web3.

Artyfact combines advanced graphics with in-depth storytelling to deliver addictive gameplay on the blockchain. The platform also provides automatic financial rewards paid in ARTY tokens. It is a massive open world with appealing blockchain capabilities, making it a great long term investment.

The game is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which allows rapid transactions and low fees. Plus, gameplay utilizes Unreal Engine 5’s graphics and dynamic animations, which allows for an immersive playing experience.

The project has already released the demo version of the game which has helped to generate excitement around the future of this new blockchain project. For now, the ARTY token remains in presale, so it is certainly one of the best long term crypto investment opportunities around.

6. MetaBlaze (BMLZ)

MetaBlaze is one of the best long term crypto investment opportunities to buy now. It is an attractive long term investment due to its GameFi offering that has broad potential. As blockchain games are highly sought after, MetaBlaze fits the bill for a high-upside long term investment opportunity with plenty of room for growth.

The game features photorealistic graphics and mesmerizing NFT collections that players hold full ownership of thanks to the use of blockchain technology. The play-to-earn game structure is set in Galaxia Blue - a virtual universe to explore and uncover while progressing characters.

In Galaxie Blue awaits multiple enemies and unique NFT collectibles that all have their own purpose within the game. Players can tailor their loadouts, customize their look and be rewarded financially as they go to war online - making it one of the best long term crypto presales available and one of the best long term investment opportunities full stop.

MBLZ is one of the best long term investment opportunities because it offers a range of NFT collections that will be used in the game such as MetaGoblin, MetaDwarf, MetaElf, MetaOrc and MetaGnome. The MBLZ token is used both for paying rewards within the platform and for trading NFTs in the integrated marketplace. With extensive utility in the ecosystem the MBLZ token is one of the best long term cryptos to buy now.

Metacade looks like an excellent long-term crypto to buy now

The MCADE token presale could be one of the best long term investment opportunities of the year. The event has raised $10m in just 16 weeks, owing to the fact that Metacade has such incredible long-term potential.

The price of Metacade is already rising, as the presale will see MCADE climb from $0.008 to $0.02. At the current price of $0.017, investors only have a limited time to get Metacade before the presale ends. With its long lineup of innovative and exciting features, alongside a huge addressable market, Metacade is easily one of the best long term investment opportunities of 2023.

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