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Ripple introduces two important white papers on structural upgrades

While the team of Ripple always likes to remind everyone about its XRP platform’s usefulness for banks, the company also does not forget about the structure of the eponymous cryptocurrency. The corporation has recently released two project documents.

The first one is dedicated to the consensus algorithm of Ripple. The ledger of Ripple called XRP Ledger and previously known as Ripple Consensus Ledger is described in the paper more broadly, according to the media outlets who are familiar with the previous research materials on the same topic.

The second one tells about the node connections and how to make these inter-node communication links diverse so that the blockchain would work more efficiently.

The representatives of the company behind the third most capitalized digital currency after Bitcoin and Ethereum explain this move by telling that they want to be transparent and possibly attract new researchers who could offer some additions to this technology.

In this case, the blockchain enthusiasts with only the basic understanding of the technology are not the main audience of the documents. However, people with the mindset of Vitalik Buterin or Nikolai Durov must have appreciated this double release.

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