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Opinion: Ethereum at beneficial price right now

Economist Brian Kelly has recently agreed with another participant of CNBC’s Fast Money that Ethereum is now very beneficial for cryptocurrency traders. It’s underestimated right now, BKCM LLC founder says. At the press time, Ethereum costs $403, and experts predict its growth $100 upwards - especially if the market of cryptocurrencies in general becomes more bullish or optimistic. The members of Fast Money have also stated that the recent Facebook failure to convince the public it handles personal data adequately can be good news for Ethereum which is not just a cryptocurrency, it’s also a decentralized data network.

Brian Kelly previously advised to look at the behavior of investors and act contrariwise, repeating one of the oldest investors’ tricks based on the perks of the short-term nature of some trends which appear due to overhyped news. Bitnewstoday does not encourage investment in any cryptocurrency.

Ethereum might become more expensive after the implementation of the recent proposal made by creator of cryptocurrency, Vitalik Buterin: the blockchain-based network of this digital coin is currently free from any fees. Third parties are allowed to use their project in the environment which might cause overloads of the whole system.

Image courtesy of Lightboxx/iStock

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