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Kerrisdale Capital report: don’t get fooled by Kodak, they’re just trying to stay alive

07 February 2018 21:00, UTC

The authors of the new report on Kodak’s blockchain initiatives tell they have short position in Kodak’s shares and they can change their position without notice. Regardless, the company does not view the latest announcements made by Eastman Kodak Company accurate.

After the valuation of the company’s ICO tokens, Kerrisdale reaches a conclusion that these assets were worthless. The company just wants to play on the current hype around blockchain technologies and fix its current economic state by all means it sees beneficial.

This corresponds with the non-beneficialness of Kodak KashMiner Bitnewstoday has already noted in one of the older reports: the company will offer this brand mining rigs for $3400 (2 years of use), and 50% of Bitcoin sum mined will be the company’s property. There are not many offers like this one, if they exist at all.

“Kodak KashMiner is a racket”, confirms the report and tells that the tariffs’ authors were clearly not considering the usual cryptocurrency price volatility as well as the well-known issue of increasing mining difficulty. It also provides some links to independent reports on this matter, which indicates the obviousness of these project flaws.