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How the winners live: crypto billionaire told reporters about new futuristic office

Crypto billionaires have become an economic phenomenon quite recently - those people have invested in Bitcoin or Ethereum at early stages and sold at bigger prices several years later. One of them is Anthony Di Iorio owning a blockchain firm Decentral, and the office he plans to build for this company will make the visitors feel like they are inside a video game, the press tells. The businessman is planning to install holographic receptionists and the whole space is made in high-tech style.

Several tens of millions of dollars are also spent on a three-floor penthouse the interior of which looks less pretentious. Both real estate objects are situated in Toronto, Canada. Additionally, Anthony Di Iorio has purchased several luxurious cars - instead of Lamborghinis from the popular stereotype about Bitcoin billionaires, he prefers Aston Martins.

Quite probably, this is how it always happens when an innovative technology is discovered, as Bill Gates’ Microsoft and Steve Jobs’ Apple also had very humble beginnings. In this case, a large part of the success depended on the stage of sells - one cannot buy all the aforementioned directly with the help of bitcoins or ether.

Image: Decentral

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