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Goldman Sachs to try out some crypto derivatives

The vast financial organization and investment firm Goldman Sachs (USA) will take a careful approach and try to use some digital currency derivatives soon, as directly confirmed by the management to the trustworthy financial outlets. This still does not mean that the company is opening a trading desk despite some titles one may see today when looking through reports on the matter.

The move fully corresponds with the recent decision of the same organization to hire a cryptocurrency-trading expert on a high-level position of digital assets’ trading overseer. Leader of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein (according to some reports, he might leave this post soon) has expressed serious doubts about Bitcoin’s financial credibility, although he did not exclude the possibility of this phenomenon growing to be a good asset in the future.

02-05-2018 21:00:00  |   Investments

In other news regarding cryptocurrency trading platforms and traditional financial organizations, Barclays (UK) has recently refuted the rumors about its own intentions to open up a new set of tools connected with digital currency trading.

Image courtesy of Bloomberg / Getty Images

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