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Crypto platform OKEx: we did not manipulate Bitcoin futures

03 April 2018 21:00, UTC

OKEx has rejected the rumors regarding the alleged manipulation of Bitcoin futures on its own platform. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange or the Chicago Board Options exchange have nothing to do with the story.

The anomalous price dynamics were first captured on Friday March 30 and the exchange has halted related operations at the time. The statement recently published by OKEx tells that the platform’s only revenue was trading fees only, and that the organization would never engage in activities the community now suspects to have happened. OKEx has also introduced new price limitations aimed at prevention of similar cases.

Regardless of who was behind the unusual plunge of futures possibly beneficial for some unfair traders (although it would be unwise for an exchange to jeopardize its reputation like this), the story obviously demonstrates the advantage of the CFTC-monitored CBOE Bitcoin futures in comparison to the same financial tools of OKEx, a company which does not have such credible monitoring parties as partners. There has been no news regarding the manipulation on CBOE in connection with Bitcoin futures since the very launch although some financial figures feared it might happen. Although this all may seem too advertising, the facts speak for themselves.