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Circle payments company exec: the price of Bitcoin will increase again, it is inevitable

The United Kingdom media outlet Express reports about the recent statement of Claire Wells who is a high-ranking manager in Circle (Director of Legal and Business Affairs). As she believes, Bitcoin is able to climb up again and it is “inevitable”.

Circle (USA) is a peer-to-peer electronic payments company which has already appeared in the February news about the cryptocurrency market: a large digital assets exchange Poloniex has been bought for $400 million, as estimated by the community. Prior to the acquisition, this exchange has promised to implement the KYC principle and had a good reputation in general. According to Express, Circle also plans to make a digital version of the dollar, something which Tether is already trying to do with mixed results.

24-06-2018 21:00:00  |   Investments

Investor Brian Kelly has already expressed similar opinion in the recent interviews to the press: as he thinks, it is too early to bury Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency has slumped down below $6000 three days ago, in June 24. As it seems, recent news on the lift of the ban of cryptocurrency advertisement on Facebook have not helped the market to regain optimism.

Image: Express

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