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Bitcoin price fluctuation. Why are cryptocurrencies so volatile?

14 September 2017 21:00, UTC

The study of bitcoin price trend shows that it’s not possible to determine mathematically the value of cryptocurrency. There is a bitcoin price prediction which bases on opinion that this opportunity comes when the BTC supplement will be completed. The maximum number of coins is limited by the terms of the project – it’s a currency with the finite supply. Regardless of the capacity of the miners, this moment should occur no earlier than in 100 years.

In fact, bitcoin stock price is growing due to the expectations of depositors, and some analysts may claim that this puts the cryptocurrency in the category of financial pyramids. The increasing number of new users and new investors exceed the balance of production of new coins, which causes the volatility of the financial instrument.

The price of bitcoin. The nature of high volatility

The average dynamics of the BTC rate is about 3%. Compare this parameter with other instruments: for gold, it is equal to 1.2%, and for national fiat currencies it’s no higher than 1%. The indicators are really high even for the cryptocurrency. This can be explained by the low level of integration into the current settlement systems. The owners of cryptocurrency mostly sell their bitcoin savings because of the limited number of stores which accept BTC for goods and services; the possibility for cash-out is also limited. Thus, bitcoin still is not considered for the high turnover currency, it continues to be used for trading speculations, fast and almost free transactions.

The influence of legislators

In 2016, mass media reported sharply negative attitude of governments of some countries towards bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. The anonymity of users and independence from fiscal control clearly didn’t suit the legislators. Some of them rushed out with the prohibition on e-currency transactions within their borders – these events also caused fluctuations, if we look at a bitcoin price history.

Anyway, the prohibitions just warmed up an interest in a rising currency. The closure of some trading platforms has increased the flow of users to trade bitcoin in other regions and countries. But the situation is due to change. Although the time is lost, the interest in BTC is manifested not only by representatives of state financial structures but also by banks and other financial institutes. There are official statements of different countries that are ready to optimize their expenses for banking services by switching to the blockchain technology. Undoubtedly, such decisions will restrain the growth of the cryptocurrency.

What affects bitcoin price? Transactions are a factor

Analysts estimated that every day cryptocurrency transfers are made in the equivalent of 50 million USD and rising. The figure is more than serious, especially since most of the transactions are related to activity on existing stock exchanges and trading floors. The bitcoin value fluctuation chart shows us the cause: the inflow of coins for subsequent exchange and withdrawal into cash through fiat money.

There are lots of factors affecting the price and volatility of bitcoin. But in general, the nominal cryptocurrency price continues to rise and that attracts a growing number of users to the project despite economists’ warnings. The future price of bitcoin is still unclear.