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Bitcoin futures surge up amidst the news from South Korea

Bitcoin futures, launched at the end of the last year, have proven to be a viable trading instrument. Their price has recently reached $11,730 on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and $11,695 on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Observers connect the +30% rise in a week to the recent statement of certain South Korean officials about their intention to help to establish the “normal” trade of cryptocurrency. In other words, they are not against the trading, they are against manipulation and frauds in this sphere.

Bitcoin itself has seemingly stabilized at $11,000. At the press time, it costs $11,195.30 for one coin. And not only Bitcoin is rising - altcoins are following it too, which might be fully described in one of the upcoming articles on Bitnewstoday.

In other, more grim news from South Korea, Jung Ki-joon, official responsible for cryptocurrency regulation, was found dead at home last weekend. He headed the process of digital currency market supervision within the Office for Government Policy Coordination and reportedly did not like his work at all, something which his colleagues always knew. Everything indicates he died of a heart attack, the media tells.

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