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Binance has had an outage hour, everything already fixed

The cryptocurrency exchange called Binance, a vast financial organization, has recently experienced technical difficulties connected to the database of users, as explained by its representatives.

The problem has made it impossible for some users to normally conduct trade operations for an hour yesterday, as reported both by the social media observers and cryptocurrency-focused media outlets. Chief executive of the exchange Zhao Changpeng has confirmed the existence of the issue and told that the user database structural imperfection was to blame. Notably, the funds withdrawal option was disabled during this outage hour (approximately 11:30 - 12:50 GMT).

Binance has also recently delisted CTR coin which has been a digital asset of a fraudulent ICO called Centra Tech. The same measures have been taken by other big cryptocurrency exchanges. Due to a reason currently unknown to the public, the price of CTR has grown +107.49% on Coinmarketcap in 24 hours but the coin still costs a small sum of $0.11 and overall can be reasonably considered a toxic asset.

The same cryptocurrency exchange has recently opened a new office in Malta which has greatly improved the ties of the leadership of this organization with the authorities of the state.

Image courtesy of CoinCentral

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