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Billionaire dies leaving $500M locked Ripple storage behind

Matthew Taylor Mellon II has passed away in April 16 this year in Mexico at the age of 54. This financial tycoon has been one of the earliest supporters of Ripple: he countered other cryptocurrencies he deemed suspicious to this digital currency he associated with America, banks and business.

His investment in Ripple turned out to be quite beneficial, as he made $1 billion from initial two million spent. As he said about this, his family thought he was crazy. This is understandable considering that digital currencies were not a mainstream topic until last year.

Matthew Mellon’s Ripple possessions might never be unlocked again even by his family, as he left no corresponding instructions in case of his death - as far as the press tells, nobody knows the password(s) to where the $500M fortune is stored.

Aside from his connections with Ripple, the businessman has also invested in Bitcoin, yet the sum is not specified in the media. Matthew Mellon was a descendant of several business persons of old, including the founder of the eponymous Mellon Bank.

The family of Matthew Mellon has preferred not to comment on the matter.

Image: Hedgeco.net

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