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As Crypto Winter Thaws, Online Trading Community AltSignals Launches New Crypto Presale

09 March 2023 10:15, UTC

The crypto winter saw many altcoins lose over 90% of their value. But could the crypto winter now be over?

The Bitcoin price has risen significantly in recent weeks as investors begin to look for key resistance levels on the journey to new bull market highs. With the Bitcoin price rising, new altcoins such as AltSignals ($ASI) could post impressive gains after the crypto winter is over, and $ASI, in particular, has the potential to outperform Bitcoin price action over the coming years.

The AltSignals crypto presale could be the best investment opportunity ahead of the next bull market

The crypto winter of 2022 has started to melt away after explosive price action at the beginning of 2023. The Bitcoin price rose over 50% from its recent lows, with experts now suggesting that the next bull market could be on the way.

The Bitcoin price typically begins to rise before the halving event, which has ushered in a bull market on every prior occasion. With the Bitcoin price rising significantly at the start of 2023 and the rest of the market following suit, the crypto winter may now be over, as the next Bitcoin halving event is at the start of 2024.

The news about a possible bull market on the horizon is exciting, and investors have started to seek out lucrative investment opportunities in preparation. One of the best investments ahead of the bull market could be AltSignals, which has just announced that it will be launching a new crypto token to represent the biggest trading community in Web3.

AltSignals has been sharing profitable trades and teaching new investors how to beat the crypto markets since 2017. It is an AI-powered platform that has a proven track record of success, and it will now launch the ASI token to expand its offering to its community.

Can $ASI reach $1 in 2023?

After many successful years of building the biggest online trading community on the blockchain, the ASI token has some unique characteristics. Not only will $ASI be launching to a large existing user base, but it will also represent one of the most profitable trading strategies in Web3.

AltSignals has sent over 1,500 trade signals so far, with an average accuracy rate of 64%. It is an industry-leading algorithmic trading tool that helps anyone to master crypto market movements. The ASI token will build on an already-successful project, and it could become one of the biggest AI-based platforms on the blockchain thanks to its new offering.

By the end of 2023, $ASI could hit the $1 mark, making $ASI one of the best investment opportunities to prepare for the next bull market after the crypto winter.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals has been teaching members of its community how to become successful crypto traders for many years. The platform shares lucrative trading signals on a daily basis, minimizing the learning curve for new traders and maximizing the return potential for those with more experience.

Now, the ASI token will bring even more benefits to the AltSignals community. The project is expanding its trading tools with artificial intelligence capabilities and a range of additional features. It will offer more investment opportunities, more potential for profit, and more ways to connect with other traders on their crypto-investing journey.

How does $ASI work?

The ASI token can be used to gain access to ActualizeAI, which is a ground-breaking suite of advanced trading tools that combine machine learning with a variety of market indicators. ActualizeAI analyzes market sentiment, and support and resistance levels before forecasting market movements. Users are given a single buy or sell signal, which helps anyone to make money while trading crypto online.

$ASI holders can also gain access to the AI Members Club. This feature will provide access to the beta version of new trading tools released by AltSignals and exclusive investment opportunities for new presales and private sales. These early-stage events are the first fundraising rounds for new blockchain projects, which means that they have the highest potential for investment returns. 

Another key benefit of joining the AI Members Club is that members will have the opportunity to beta test new tools and updates, and also share feedback with AltSignals’ development team. AltSignals has a highly successful track record with its trading tools, so exclusive access to their latest releases can give all members a unique edge while they trade.

AltSignals and AI: Driving progress for crypto market trading

By utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, AltSignals is at the forefront of fast-growing technological development. The trading tools released by AltSignals have led to it becoming the largest community of its kind, and the project seems as though it’s only just getting started.

The ASI token could take AltSignals to the next level. All traders can benefit from the services provided by AltSignals, which now sits at the crossroads between blockchain and AI. $ASI has immense growth potential, and experts are predicting that it will far outperform Bitcoin price action during the next bull market.

Is $ASI worth buying?

As the crypto winter thaws and the next bull market begins to heat up, both the AltSignals and Bitcoin price action are expected to take off. The ASI token, in particular, is a highly lucrative investment opportunity, as it has yet to suffer from the Bitcoin price’s diminishing returns.

It’s of special interest to those prepared to buy 50,000 tokens as AltSignals are offering lifetime access to the existing signals service for people purchasing this amount of tokens or more (as well as lifetime access to the new AI service once developed). 

$ASI will enter price discovery after the crypto presale, which means that the presale is the perfect time to get involved. It’s a great addition to any investment portfolio as investors prepare for the next bull market. One thing’s for certain, sentiment is flipping bullish after a prolonged crypto winter.

You can participate in the AltSignals presale here.