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Top 5 On-Demand Mobile App Ideas For Startups In 2020

Nimesh Gohil

The world is inevitably changing at a lightning speed and so is the technology. In recent times, we live in an era where people want things to be done in a very quick time. We live in an era of the digital world and mobile technology where on-demand restaurant food is more demanding than home-food. Every business has accepted the concept of on-demand by fulfilling customers' needs very soon. Hence, on-demand mobile apps have been booming in recent times and play a vital role in the life of users on the basis of their demand for speed, convenience, and simplicity.

The world is gradually becoming a place where everything becomes handy and works smoothly with the help of mobile devices. This means every industry or work that you are into, that has an app which helps every business to grow their business and customer to make their life easier. Looking at the other side, there are many startups being introduced. And they have shifted their focus on delivering on-demand services to the customers by developing an on-demand mobile application. Ever since on-demand mobile applications came into existence and daily routine of users, they have opened the door of success. There are many biggies like Uber, Zomato, Ola, etc that have made people’s lives easier and also gained a great revenue and profit as well.

On-demand is such a huge word and has a great scope of expansion and innovation for every startup. Many entrepreneurs are planning to try their hands on on-demand mobile apps in the market. As per the report, the mobile app industry looks unstoppable and the revenue of mobile apps by the year 2023 is about to reach $935 billion. This has definitely opened the door of opportunities for aspiring startups, investors and entrepreneurs who want to taste the piece of success.

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Once a luxury has turned into a necessity.
Now, let’s peep into the world of on-demand mobile apps for a startup sector. Being an entrepreneur you can surely think of developing your own on-demand mobile app to serve the masses. If you are still not sure or unaware of on-demand app ideas for your startups, we have listed down some of the specific on-demand industries where you could explore your wings and fly high to make into biggies.

On-Demand Taxi Booking App


With on-demand taxi booking apps, the on-demand industry has gained popularity in no time. In this fast opportunistic world, no business wants to be left behind by mere seconds. In a very short span of time, the transport and logistics industry got a new way and pushed the door of success. You can either opt for Uber clone app or choose to build an on-demand taxi booking app from scratch.
People will never stop themselves from traveling from one place to another if they can access the service which is more convenient, pocket-friendly and easy. By developing an on-demand taxi or cab booking app, you can add more latest and live features and give more comfort to the users.

On-Demand Food Delivery App


In a world full of various Pizza, Pasta, Tacos, Macaroni, and many delicious food items, we can see no sign of ending the food industry. It’s one of the most growing industries since it allows you to have your favorite food on your couch without even stepping out of the room. This on-demand food delivery app has solved many people's problems by delivering their favorite meal from the famous restaurant in a given budget. And for the youngsters, if food is available only a click away then there is nothing better than that.

The food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, GrubHub, and UberEats are already ruling the food delivery industry. There are also various startups who are actually trying to step into this market. You can also build a food delivery app, restaurant reservation or restaurant table booking app, or local restaurant food delivery app with the appealing graphical layout of restaurants to make your customer land on your app and leverage the services.

On-Demand Health & Fitness App


Nowadays, every person is concerned about their health and becomes health-conscious as well. Therefore, this industry has become the largest domains at the moment. The on-demand health and fitness apps are for those who wish to make themselves active and fit without going to the gym. These on-demand health and fitness apps serve various purposes. Some of them let you track your daily activity, sleep cycle, female body cycle and monitor your health. Even, you will even find some apps that prescribe medicine according to the disease and even remind you to follow the strict diet keeping a check on the calorie intake in every meal you eat.

So by keeping this industry in your mind, you can jump into the market by developing on-demand health and fitness apps. Apart from this, by collaborating with the local self-grooming services like spa, salon, massage, and beauty parlour, you can offer these services as well by developing an app.

On-Demand Fashion & Lifestyle App


In the trendy world, everyone wants to be updated with the fashion trends as well as lifestyle patterns on a daily basis as this keeps evolving. These on-demand fashion and lifestyle applications deal with the latest trends in fashion, gadgets, mobile devices that individuals wish to purchase.

Online shopping has set the market on fire with a sudden growth in the last decade as more people have switched to the online store to buy products at the best possible prices. This trend and field can never go out of demand. On the other hand, clients can satisfy their needs with their expert services at ease with just one touch.

On-Demand Learning App


With the rise of digital technology, learning has become more easy and more fun. Now apart from going to school, the kids or learners can learn new learning skills and even teachers can teach new learning techniques to their students through on-demand learning app. This has become the best tutor for learning. Be it music, education, cooking, singing or any field. So by developing an on-demand learning app, you can reach a wide spectrum of audiences and teach them in the funniest and easiest manner.


The above-mentioned industries are booming in the sector of on-demand and due to the never-ending demands of users, the on-demand applications will continue to thrive in the market. It seems to have a bright future ahead so as a business or entrepreneur if you are planning to develop an app, you can count in these industries.

Before taking a giant step into this emerging mobile app industry, you should have the insights of targeting the right and niche audience and join hands with the best mobile app development company. Because it completely depends on the mobile app development company how they execute an idea and make it more appealing by enhancing your business.

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