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The 7 Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts You Need To Tune Into Right Now

Emily Henry

Everyone is talking about cryptocurrency these days. Which ones do you buy? What is the blockchain? It’s all very confusing, especially if you know next to nothing about cryptocurrency. Luckily, there are some really amazing podcasts out there that can help educate you on all things cryptocurrency related. These are the top 7 cryptocurrency podcasts that need to be on your podcast playlist.

1. Blockchain Insider

Bitcoin is part of the revolution that is taking place in Fintech. Simon Taylor and Colin Platt’s weekly, hour-long podcast focuses on Bitcoin. Not only that, but it also discusses the rise of new ways of transferring funds in the framework of new financial technology. Along with these discussions there is at least one interview that sheds some light on a corner of cryptocurrency that is often overlooked by other experts and makes this podcast worth a listen.

2. The Bad Crypto Podcast

This podcast is anything but bad. Hosts Joel Comm and Travis Wright discuss all the latest cryptocurrency news, including the scandals and crashes. The guests they have on the show are all super knowledgeable and offer fascinating interpretations of various events.

Along with the news, TBCP also covers predictions and price speculations. While you won’t get any financial advice, however the things that are discussed are all based on reliable data and historical movement.

3. Unchained

Laura Shin founded this podcast while she was still a senior editor at Forbes. Now she runs Unchained full time, releasing a new podcast each week. If you want great interviews with a host that asks the right questions which get at the most important information from her guests, then this is the podcast for you to tune into. It’s great for beginners, who are new to cryptocurrency and for the more advanced.

4. Epicenter

This podcast first aired in 2013 making it one of the oldest on our list. Hosted by Brian Fabian Crain and Sebastien Couture, they went from producing their first episode for the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast to bringing in big guests like Vitalik Buterin and Mike Hearn and added video content to the mix as well. This podcast now has over 10,000 regular listeners and has added the talent of Meher Roy to the host list. It is one of the best connected cryptocurrency podcasts in existence.

Be forewarned this podcast is not for any who is a beginner, just starting out in cryptocurrency, but it will provide experienced listeners deep insights into the latest trends and the future directions of all things crypto.

5. The Crypto Conversation

Host Andy Pickering runs this podcast. It’s actually one Brave New Coin’s IPs, a crypto informational agency. Most of the shows are analysis-driven, focusing on speculations and predictions. Pickering does a great job of leading the show, although he is rarely providing the information. Rather, there is usually a guest, who is either an expert or an experienced trader giving out all the information.

6. Crypto Campfire Podcast

If you want to learn about cryptocurrency without all the jargon and stress, then this is a podcast that is just right for you. It’s a very casual conversation without all the technical terms or convoluted opinions. Hosted by Mitch and the Perfesser, approach the show with a unique, quirky style. The topics are pretty random and all over the spectrum, from fishing to celebrities and video games. Then, as if by magic, they manage to tie these topics into cryptocurrency. Mitch and the Perfesser have opposite ideas most of the time, so you can always tell which one is talking while you are listening to the episode.

It's a great easy listening way to take in opinions on some of the happenings in the world of cryptocurrency.

7. What Bitcoin Did

Hosted by Peter McCormack, What Bitcoin Did is a podcast that covers all things Bitcoin and how it’s relevant to today’s economy. A great beginner-friendly podcast that packs a ton of educational content into each episode.

These are the 7 best cryptocurrency podcasts that you need to be tuning into if you want to boost your knowledge about cryptocurrency.

Emily Henry is a writer at Coursework Service and Academized. She writes about podcasts. Emily also is a tutor at Boomessays.

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