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8 Universities That Provide Students With Access to Blockchain-Based Education

Madeline Miller

Now that cryptocurrency is a relevant topic that interests individuals from a variety of age groups, it’s important that there are educational resources available. Finance and business-related degrees and courses have been widely available to students for countless years. Cryptocurrency and modern investing is a newer sector of the finance world. Many younger individuals have the desire to study and gain more knowledge of blockchain technology. Thankfully, several notable post-secondary transitions are now providing these resources to students. Here are 8 universities that provide students with access to blockchain-based education.

  1. National University of Singapore

    The National University of Singapore has great blockchain research, start-up, and entrepreneurship-based opportunities. NUS has contributed tons to blockchain research through their community. Members are working towards developing a better system for blockchain to run on; it is called DApp which stands for decentralized application. Overall, the National University of Singapore has excellent options for students wanting to get involved with blockchain and cryptocurrency at all levels.

  2. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

    The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is known for its revolutionary adaptations within its business and technology educational programs. At RMIT, students can help contribute to blockchain research. The blockchain team at this university researches multiple trending finance topics such as crypto-economics, and blockchain economics. Their goal is to revolutionize economics through cryptocurrency technology. Researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology believe that blockchain-based technology and cryptocurrency are of high importance. The blockchain group of RMIT believes that this technology may be able to solve some of the economic issues in our world.

  3. University of California Berkeley

    The University of California Berkeley is known for its impressive engineering programs, education, and resources. It’s not a surprise that they are another university providing students with access to blockchain-based education. UCB offers specific courses curated to engineering and finance students who want to learn about blockchain. These courses include Blockchain Fundamentals DeCal, Blockchain Developers DeCal, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain Technologies. The last two courses are free, providing an unmissable opportunity for students who seek out these resources. Berkeley’s blockchain team focuses on gaining research for fortune 500 companies, helping them with their financial journey.

  4. University of Zurich

    The University of Zurich has been providing its students with blockchain resources since 2019. This occurred after the Competence Center was established and created a plethora of new academic pathways. It has now become a dominant blockchain hub, and the Competence Center is the most active academic space in all of Switzerland. At the Competence Center, students can learn about blockchain technology. The University of Zurich has created these options for both leaders and students wanting to be part of the cryptocurrency industry.

  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a course dedicated to blockchain education. The purpose of the course is to help individuals wanting to have expertise on the topic for the potential future use of this financial related information. The course opens with a section explaining Bitcoin and the basic fundamentals of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The blockchain course ends with a section on current blockchain news and applications. This is a great option for students who want to take multiple types of courses throughout their educational experience.

  6. Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is engaging in the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution. The computing department is working on blockchain-based research. This University holds seminars for students interested in the topic. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is directed towards students in the computing field instead of finance students.

  7. University College London (UCL)

    The University of College London has been studying blockchain technologies since 2015. UCL’s blockchain center is home to 8 separate departments. They work on promoting safe blockchain systems. They offer research opportunities, and currently have 245 individuals part of their team.

  8. Tsinghua University

    Tsinghua University is another institution with a research center dedicated to blockchain research. It is sponsored by popular financial groups that support blockchain research and innovation. Their work is considered first-class and has helped further build the global blockchain platform and space.

These 8 Universities have been responsible for creating incredible research centers and programs for students to learn about blockchain.

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