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Athletes and NFTs in June 2022: Auctions, Promos, Scams
14 June 2022 09:10, UTC Denis Goncharenko

As the NBA Finals climaxes, once again all eyes are on NFTs related to athletes.

VeChain Became UFC's First Official Blockchain Partner
10 June 2022 13:30, UTC Anna Martynova

UFC and VeChain have announced a first-of-its-kind long-term partnership

Mattel Will Release NFT Dedicated To Its Toys
10 June 2022 12:30, UTC Anna Martynova

A toy maker is partnering with OnChain Studios to develop an NFT platform called Cryptoys

Alibaba Cloud Launches NFT Marketplace Service
09 June 2022 13:00, UTC Anna Martynova

Alibaba Cloud's service will help build NFT marketplaces in a fast and reliable way, without addressing compliance issues

Arrington Capital Launches $100 Mln Fund to Finance Moonbeam Ecosystem
09 June 2022 11:53, UTC Anna Martynova

The Arrington Moonbeam Growth Fund will be used to support companies and protocols using the Moonbeam network

Chainlink Unveils Staking Mechanism and Roadmap, LINK Price Up 13%
08 June 2022 12:33, UTC Anna Martynova

Chainlink has unveiled a new roadmap for the platform by introducing the long-awaited staking mechanism to the blockchain

Solana Were Awarded The Second Place In The Technical Rating Of The Worst Projects
08 June 2022 11:24, UTC Anna Martynova

In its ranking of the worst projects from a technical point of view, DeFiSafety ranked the Solana network in second place

Ripple and Lunu Collaborate to Enable Crypto Payment Acceptance
07 June 2022 14:35, UTC Anna Martynova

Ripple is partnering with Lunu to support luxury retailers in accepting crypto payments

Iota Foundation Joins Dell to Develop Real-Time Carbon Tracking System
07 June 2022 13:30, UTC Anna Martynova

Iota Foundation joins Dell with ClimateCHECK and Bio E to fight climate change with real-time carbon footprint data

NFTs Supported By Celebrities May Damage Investors Financially
07 June 2022 07:52, UTC Frank Hamilton

In 2021, the NFT wave revolutionized digital art, and in 2022, numerous NFT collections popular with celebrities lhave achieved new all-time highs in their respective markets

Indian Terra Holders Hit Hardest By Crash As Airdrop Is Taxed At 30%
06 June 2022 15:20, UTC Anna Martynova

Terra coin holders in India are facing a “double whammy” following the collapse of LUNAC and UST last month

Australian City Mayor Recommends Paying Taxes With Bitcoin
06 June 2022 14:25, UTC Anna Martynova

The mayor of the Gold Coast said the city may consider paying taxes with bitcoin

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Cloud Mining — This Real Estate Investor's Side Hustle Generates More than $140,000 in Bitcoin Monthly
06 June 2022 10:24, UTC

Learn more about successful cases of Bitcoin investments from this post

Why Are Big Companies Adopting NFTs?
06 June 2022 07:50, UTC Denis Goncharenko

NFTs are now on a crazy trajectory that looks to be traveling "to the moon," as they frequently remark, despite the fact that investing in digital anything could sound bizarre

$5.10 Mln Worth Of Tokens Burned On BabyDoge's First Birthday
03 June 2022 15:10, UTC Anna Martynova

On its first birthday, BabyDoge burned 3 quadrillion coins and plans to burn another 50 quadrillion coins later

Japan Passed A Legal Framework To Regulate Stablecoins
03 June 2022 14:14, UTC Anna Martynova

The Japanese Parliament made a historic decision regarding stablecoins, providing a safety net for investors after the collapse of TerraUSD

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Russian-Ukranian Conflict Makes the Clamour For Crypto Regulation Louder
03 June 2022 08:35, UTC

The clamour for regulations in the cryptocurrency space have been getting more attention in recent months due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

Gamified Model Simulation and Metaverse: Should You Invest?
03 June 2022 06:00, UTC Anirban Roy

The blockchain-based contemporary games with the concept of play-to-earn take it to another level

UnionBank Issued The clCountry's First Blockchain-Based Digital Peso Bonds
02 June 2022 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova

UnionBank of the Philippines has raised ₱11 bln in its first digital peso bond offering

Kanye West Files Trademark Applications Related to NFTs and Cryptocurrencies
02 June 2022 14:05, UTC Anna Martynova

The rap star has filed several trademark applications that show the musician is gearing up to mint his own non-fungible tokens

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