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Paytience Unveils All-Inclusive Trading Suite and Membership

source-logo  coinedition.com 24 November 2023 18:16, UTC

Paytience is set to launch an all-inclusive trading indicator suite and membership on November 24. Developed with custom-built and proprietary algorithms, this suite aims to provide traders with analytical insights to enhance their market understanding.

The Paytience memberships offer access to current and future trading indicators, along with other exclusive benefits. Paytience’s announcement claimed that the membership would give access to a members-only indicator suite on TradingView, access to an exclusive Paytience Discord, an AI trading assistant for insights on trading crypto, stocks, and forex, and the opportunity to receive trading alerts from Paytience traders.

The main indicator that Paytience has developed is the proprietary “Paytience Kit.” The kit allows users to trade any coin, stock, or currency in any timeframe. Moreover, the kit has a built-in scalping mode for shorter and longer timeframes. Paytience stated:

All of our indicators are built to work on any market and any time frame. With the built-in scalping mode, you can tackle those smaller timeframes like the 1-minute chart and the 5-minute chart.

Furthermore, the Paytience Kit includes built-in entry points, take profit and stop loss suggestions, and built-in asset optimization modes for BTC and specific altcoins, including XRP, HBAR, and ETH, among many others.

Paytience claimed to have designed the indicators to “make trading stress-free” with educational tutorials. The tutorials, exclusive to members only, would allow the traders to use Paytience to its full potential.

The Paytience indicator suite and membership are launching on November 24. Paytience shared that buyers and early listers can take advantage of a reduced price in their X account.


The Paytience Trading Indicator Suite + Membership launches on November 24.

And because it's Black Friday we have a surprise… 🎉

EVERYBODY will be eligible for a special 10% off code upon launch!

EARLY LISTERS will be eligible for… pic.twitter.com/emtiDSk0hl

— Paytience (@PaytienceIO) November 19, 2023

The private trading community on Discord was described as the “ultimate hub for the inner circle trading community.” In a post on X, Paytience stated that there was no public section in Discord, creating a safe environment for traders to discuss their trading insights.

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