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"Shameful"- Elon Musk On Canada's Step to Censor Online Streaming Services

source-logo  coingape.com 02 October 2023 10:30, UTC

X owner Elon Musk today criticized Trudeau and Canadian government for their recent decision to make it mandatory for online streaming services to register with government. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has embarked on a mission to reshape Canada’s broadcasting landscape.

Trudeau is trying to crush free speech in Canada. Shameful. https://t.co/oHFFvyBGxu

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 1, 2023

Consequently, it has initiated a series of public hearings, with the first round commencing on May 12, 2023. After meticulously scrutinizing over 200 interventions, the CRTC has revealed its initial two decisions. Streaming platforms operating within Canada and raising $10 million annually must now register their operations. The deadline for this registration is November 28, 2023. Additionally, the process promises simplicity, demanding just a few mouse clicks.

Canadians Gain More Streaming Service Access

Moreover, the CRTC sets the stage for Canadians to access international streaming content. From Wednesday onwards, specific streaming services must disclose information about their content library and user demographics. This move ensures Canadians can access these platforms without being tied to a particular internet or mobile service provider.

Moreover, CRTC is delving into Canadian and Indigenous content requirements across traditional and online broadcasting mediums. Starting November 20, 2023, a three-week public procedure will be in motion. During this period, the CRTC plans to engage with 129 intervenors representing a spectrum of interests.

Coinbase Expands Services to the Canadian Market

In another development, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, has extended its services to Canada, capitalizing on the nation’s crypto-friendly regulations through a partnership with People’s Trust Company. This allows Canadian consumers access to Interac e-Transfers, enhancing the safety and convenience of financial transactions. To mark its augmented presence in Canada, Coinbase is offering numerous incentives, including free access to Coinbase One for 30 days and round-the-clock customer service availability.

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