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Star Trek and CBS Enter the Cryptosphere

dailyhodl.com 02 September 2019 05:20, UTC
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Star Trek is introducing cryptocurrency collectibles.

As the home of the Federation Credits and the Ferengi Gold-pressed Latinum banking systems, Star Trek is revving up its fictional fuel to highlight the power of blockchain, the technology that underpins Bitcoin. Borrowing a page from the evolving digital economy, its creators say that these technologically advanced systems integrate so well with real-life blockchain technology that they’re spawning a new digital fleet.

Trekkies will now be able to acquire Star Trek True Digital Crypto Collectibles, six iconic ships from the Trek universe that will be digitally minted and cryptographically secured. The limited-edition, ERC-721 items will be built on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to the announcement, the Star Trek universe is a natural fit for blockchain and transformative tech.

“The Star Trek universe is known for its advanced technologies, some of which are already coming to fruition. One such technology, while never directly mentioned in the fiction – well, it might have been, but we will get to that later – is likely the technological foundation behind Federation Credits and the more popularly known Ferengi Gold-pressed Latinum banking systems.

This technology is known today as blockchain and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s beloved but “shady” Ferengi businessman, Quark, would no doubt have been a user of this technology to transact and ensure the contract integrity in his business ventures. The current Star Trek series have yet to mention blockchain tech, but that hasn’t stopped the adoption of blockchain technology into the Trek universe.”

The collectibles will expand the gameplay on Lucid Sight’s Crypto Space Commander (CSC), a space MMO sandbox that utilizes blockchain to power its Play To Own user economy. CBS, which produces Star Trek: Discovery, will collaborate to produce the first-ever Cross Universe Event to bridge the Star Trek and CSC Universes.

Taking a nod from Bitcoiners and crypto enthusiasts, the developers champion the same blockchain features that make real-life digital assets desirable.

“With the characteristics of True Digital ownership, blockchain enforced scarcity, potential digital loss/destruction, and a limited supply, one can expect these first-generation Star Trek Digital Collectible ships to make very unique collectibles.”

Source: Twitter

As Trekkies hop on board, they’re also being introduced to basic cryptocurrency concepts such as blockchain, a distributed ledger that tracks and timestamps transactions, and smart contracts which are specific instructions and terms that are published on a blockchain to process transactions.

Calling all futurists, the developers are asking fans and viewers alike to image a new world.

“While Federation Credits are mentioned only briefly, it is very likely that the United Federation of Planets, working under the new moneyless economy, would have no banking infrastructure supporting transactions of gold-pressed latinum. In such a case, the distributed self-regulating nature of a blockchain would be ideal to manage the money within this type of future economy.”

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