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Ethereum Burning Fee, Pantera Trimming BTC and 20 Crypto Jokes

cryptonews.com 07 August 2021 10:54, UTC
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What a week! We left the green July behind, while market sentiment made a jump led by BTC, ETH, and BNB. And then, Ethereum finally arrived to London, the burning began, and we looked into what EIP-1559 does and does not do. One old presentation by Vitalik Buterin brought up an unresolved Ethereum issue again, and we learned that MEV harms Ethereum users and it may be here for some time. Pantera CEO trimmed his earlier BTC price forecast for 2021, saying that ETH will be outperforming BTC.

Then, Square agreed to a USD 29bn all-stock deal to buy Afterpay, FTX saw more than a million sign-ups in the first half of 2021, and Coinbase stopped BSV trading following another attack on the network. Also, we learned how Musk’s and Saylor’s tweets steer BTC and DOGE price. Also, JPMorgan reportedly offered its Private Bank wealth management clients access to an 'in-house BTC fund', while Ray Dalio said that while he prefers BTC over bonds, he would pick gold over BTC. Meanwhile, NFT sector has exploded across the board, while monero seemed unaffected by the news of the extradition of its former lead maintainer Fluffypony.

Heavyweight critics are gunning for a new, controversial new bipartisan bill in the US, with numerous crypto advocates launching an ambitious campaign aimed at driving up support for an amendment to it, and even though the EC said it is not targeting non-custodial crypto wallets, their legislative proposals would still affect the whole sector. The SEC boss hinted that he may seek to regulate DeFi, and we looked into the top 10 key statements he made. In Poland, a group of lawmakers asked the Ministry of Finance if they'll facilitate making bank deposits for crypto companies, and in Uruguay, a senator unveiled a crypto adoption and regulation bill. In South Korea, the ruling party hinted at an increased crypto leniency, while a number of smaller crypto exchanges announced their imminent closure. Meanwhile, the DACH region may inject USD 657bn into digital assets within three years.

And here's an article for you if you've ever wondered what's it like being a bitcoin miner full time.

Now, here are the best crypto jokes for you. Yes, only for the special you reading this now!

Heeey, Crypto Twitter! How are you?


First, let's see check on this week's main star.

EIP-1559 pump .. $ETH https://t.co/qhSntAdtOh

— Fomocap (@Workedia)


There's choreography too.

$ETH is about to break $2,700 so here's a clip of the Ethereum team rapping on stage at a conference

— LilMoonLambo (@LilMoonLambo)


And what if a child is standing near an ethereum when it starts burning?!


— Brian Pendleton (@backbooked)


And BTC was up this week too.

Source: bitcoinshowtime / Instagram



Source: tradingmemess / Instagram


'Oh, dear Jesus Budha Satoshi!"

Source: thecryptorumble / Instagram



I think it’s safe to assume Satoshi took more time to put together the 9-page #bitcoin whitepaper than the US Senat… https://t.co/h5BkHNbiXb

— Neil Jacobs (@NeilJacobs)


Another look at 9 v 2,702.

I’ll navigate with #bitcoin, thanks. https://t.co/N3Hh6hxx8w

— ghazαℓeh νictoria (@GVictoriaB)


'I need 2,702 blank papers'.

US: we want to spread dollars far & wide

— Jake Chervinsky (@jchervinsky)


In case you needed a visual representation, here's an official one from the Seven of Nine analysts.

Crypto vs Fiat vs Stablecoin https://t.co/nAxayMKAs0

— Michelle Lai | ML_sudo (@88crypt)


Let's do some more helpful comparing.

Source: Twitter/@LinaSeiche


So much dumb in one image. As our good friend would say, 'much stupid, very idiot'.

Anti-electricity cartoon from 1889.

— Relai 🇨🇭 (@Relai_ch)


Aaaand discuss.

All your models are destroyed

— udi.eth (@udiWertheimer)


Don't mess with people's NFTs.

just setting up my twttr

— jack (@jack)


'NFTs! Get your fresh NFTs!'

When a new project release its NFTs on the market https://t.co/nrXmHe5N4H

— Devchart 👨🏻💻 (@devchart)


'Class, here we have an example of irony.'

written by the same journalist https://t.co/hFX42PqeF6

— Zack Voell (@zackvoell)


Even the outlet is baffled.


— Compass Mining 🧭 (@compass_mining)


And now, your BTC nature documentary.

Live footage of the last two months in the #Bitcoin market https://t.co/pOrYnQfsur

— Nathaniel Whittemore (@nlw)


Last, but not least, a song for your relaxing crypto weekend.

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