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GhostMarket launches open offers for NFTs

source-logo  neonewstoday.com 22 July 2022 03:16, UTC

GhostMarket now allows users to make open offers on any NFT they see on the multi-chain marketplace, whether the NFT is listed for sale or not. Users can make offers on individual NFTs as well as NFTs that are part of collections. At the time of press, only GM tokens can be used for the new feature.

Single NFT Offer

Single NFT offers allow users to make an offer on individual NFTs. The owner of the NFT will see the offer on their account page and can choose to accept or decline. This method is useful for buyers who are interested in a specific NFT due to its unique properties.

Collection Offer

Collections generally represent a group of NFTs from a particular project. Collection offers allow users to make open offers for an NFT within a collection, meaning they are happy to receive any NFT from that project. For example, if a user chose to make a collection offer for Bored Doge NFTs, they may receive any character from the series.

The GhostMarket team notes the open offer feature uses an in-house designed and implemented NEP-17 standard extension that doesn’t require users to lock tokens while the offer is open. The extension integrates methods found in the Ethereum ERC-20 standard, such as approve, allowance, and transferFrom. These methods allow users to pre-approve the number of tokens that can be transferred when an offer is accepted.