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Sunnybay.eth ENS Bought sony.eth ENS domain in $72K

source-logo  thecoinrepublic.com 21 July 2022 00:41, UTC
  • Sunnybay.eth bought sony.eth ENS domain in $72k. 
  • 000.eth was the most costly ENS Domain sold for 300Eth(3cr 71 Lakhs). 

Reports of OpenSea state that Sunnybay.eth is an ENS(Ethereum Name Service) that has purchased sony.eth at the cost of 40Eth(72K Indian Currency). 

According to crypto on-chain data, Sunnybay owns several more domains with the name of famous brands and companies like ipad.eth, and coke.eth. 

Ethereum Name Services are defined as the form of readable crypto wallets address, which was not easy in older times because they were not readable for humans. 

Ethereum Name Service has identical to a normal wallet, and the basic feature of transferring and receiving tokens is the same. Still, they are termed as the upgraded version of normal wallets.    

The names of ENS Domains are in the form of NFTs and can be sold in the Non-Fungible token trading market, Places Like OpenSea, and Many Others.     

As every Sector holds some valuable users, those needs Vip Treatment, and this Vip Feature introduced three and four Digit Domain name origination, and now the price of these three and four-digit Domain names are sold out or are very close. 

Domain address 000.eth was in the internet spotlight because of its sold price. The Domain Address was sold for 300Eth(3cr 71 Lakhs).     

The domain has three and four-digit in their famous wallet address, and the domain with the name of famous brands and companies is believed to become Premium NFTs. Their value will rise automatically in the upcoming time.      


Ethereum has been added to the top 5 Biggest Blockchains worldwide. And it offers thousands of services, and its smart contracts are widely famous for their services. ENS domains have been gaining popularity in the past few years because of their easy and short name, and it’s an easy and smart feature that is not offered in normal wallets. Ethereum’s famous Domain is Amazon. Eth has received an offer of 1 million USDC from an unknown wallet address on the Opensea ecosystem.