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Get Hollywood Access & Luxury Travel Perks with These NFTs

source-logo  blockster.com 19 July 2022 00:21, UTC

Gaining access to communities and experiences that have typically been guarded by gatekeepers or been inaccessible to the general public in the past is an incredible perk some major NFT projects offer their holders.

An upcoming project whose utility is no exception is the First Ape Wives Club (yes, inspired by the film ‘The First Wives Club’). This project provides new social utility for NFT holders in the form of travel perks that rival the Black American Express card, and once-in-a-lifetime Hollywood experiences that reinvent how people access the entertainment industry.

Read below to learn how these NFTs are defining social utility by opening doors to the ‘rich and famous’ lifestyle. Interview with Amanda Archer.

As a Hollywood veteran, tell us about your background working in the entertainment industry.

My first job in the United States was with Michael Jackson’s family. I was dealing with Katherine and Paris doing all of their first world exclusives after he passed away during the AEG court case. That was a pretty sharp learning curve into the American entertainment media business.

From there, I specialized in world exclusive interviews for people like the Hefners, Priscilla Presley, Paris and Nicky Hilton, kids from the Rolling Stones. From there as the media changed over time with social media, I moved into movie producing. 

FAWC have some KICK ASS #ambassadors who are becoming #ape wifeys 💖 They're representing a collection that promotes FUN and empowerment and we're excited to announce them soon!

FAWC #nft dropping in autumn 2022 🍸 stay tuned for the #WL pic.twitter.com/Upj5mYQ37F

— First Ape Wives Club 💜 FAWC (@FirstApeWives) July 15, 2022

I’ve just finished producing my first feature film, ‘The Holiday Twist’ starring Neal McDonough, Sean Astin, James Maslow, Kelly Stables, Melody Thornton from the Pussycat Dolls and a bunch more.

I’m also a producer and Vice President of Talent and Business development at Fandomodo Film Company, where we have some pretty exciting, big budget projects coming later in the year.

How did you first discover Web3?

In October of 2021, myself and my First Ape Wives Club co-founder Farah Selena, we were researching NFTs and I basically couldn’t sleep once I discovered it. It was like a tunnel of information that I couldn’t get out of — it sucked me in completely. Just the depth of understanding web3 was a new challenge to me, which I hadn’t had in a very long time, where you find something that challenges you and pushes you to discover new ways of doing things and I really loved that.

Then we developed the First Ape Wives Club and basically figured it out on our own and worked out how to layer and do all the generation and work out what the strategy needed to be to have a full plan for an NFT project that has long-lasting abilities and assets.

We went into that development phase in October until now, and we’re getting ready to launch the First Ape Wives Club to the public which is extremely exciting after many rounds of development and strategic planning.

How did you come up with the idea for First Ape Wives Club?

My business partner was going through a real-life ‘First Wives Club’ story where she had been in a relationship and it wasn’t working out and so as two women to empower each other, we started the First Ape Wives Club, and it’s sort of based off the movie ‘The First Wives Club’ where Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler all get together after the men have let them down and they empower each other and come up with a club to empower many other women. It’s a real-life ‘First Wives Club’ story.

The utility behind the First Ape Wives Club NFTs is incredible. Tell us about some of the luxury travel perks.

We have an extensive travel perks program where we have over 1400 hotels globally where when you book through us, you get perks like early check-in, late checkout, $100 credit for food and beverage on the room, some hotels are offering hotel transfers, complimentary upgrades, and a hand-written note from the general manager to make you feel very VIP. 

The brands that are included are Four Seasons, Bulgari, Peninsula Hotel, Sofitel, Virtuoso — it’s all the biggest brands in the world.

In addition, we’ve partnered with VIP Global which is a concierge bespoke travel group which are the next level of jets, private homes, VIP tickets to Oscars, Formula One — basically anything in the world that you want to get VIP, we will have it for our holders to experience the First Ape Wives Club lifestyle.

When you find something you're passionate about, work becomes about more than just the 💸, it becomes life-fulfilling and you instinctively make ways to nurture it.

We make sure that FAWC club members aka #apewifeys experience this.

Join us: https://t.co/fi0bdnV6EY pic.twitter.com/eScdlqD5o4

— First Ape Wives Club 💜 FAWC (@FirstApeWives) July 18, 2022

Through the utility of our NFTs, we have more perks with booking through us than a Black American Express card.

You also offer exclusive, Hollywood access for your NFT holders. Tell us about the entertainment industry perks.

In addition to the travel, we’ve got all these entertainment perks. We’re going to be hosting events at a lot of the global events like Art Basel, The Oscars, The Emmys — having First Ape Wives Club partnerships with major entertainment companies. 

We’re bringing in ambassadors who are leading writers, actors, producers, directors, and bringing them to our community to be directly accessible in our community through our Discord, Twitter Spaces, AMA’s, things like that.

And in real life, we’re also going to be giving our community the chance to participate on the set of a movie, in the creative spaces, entertainment agencies, music industry, all of those things. The value that we have is excellent.

Why was it important for you to bring Hollywood access to web3?

I have always done it for all of my friends my whole career working in the entertainment industry. ‘If you want tickets to the Rolling Stones I’ll get them for you, if you want to go to a movie premiere I’ll do it for you’ — and I always just did it because I love to share my experience. 

I don’t think it should be just for me and just for these people who are in the business. It’s hard to crack into the industry. So giving people the opportunity to get their foot in the door, give people a chance, give people the once in a lifetime experience, that’s something that brings value to me because I love to give and share, but it also gives value to my community because it gives them access to things that they would never have thought possible.

Amanda Archer is the founder of Women of the Metaverse, a creative studio that works with female creatives to commercialize their NFT and web3 projects. First Ape Wives club is Archer’s first collection in partnership with Dapper Labs and Flow Blockchain.

The First Ape Wives Club project will launch on September 12th, 2022 with a collection of 11,111 female ape NFTs that represent modern-day pop culture with neon colors, cheeky expressions, detailed jewels and hand-drawn traits by FAWC Artist-in-residence Javeria Shah. 

The First Ape Wives Club will support the Big Splash event by Project Zero hosted by Six Senses Ibiza for their launch. Project Zero ambassadors include celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, Princess Eugenie, BLOND:ISH, Pixie Geldof, Georgia May Jagger and more. 

A portion of proceeds from the First Ape Wives Club launch, as well as annual donations will be given to climate change organization, Project Zero.