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Polium Announces Release Of World First “multi-chain gaming console”; Gets Hit With Skepticism 

source-logo  thecoinrepublic.com 05 July 2022 11:30, UTC

Polium, a web3 company, revealed its ambitious plans to build the first “multi-chain gaming console” in the world for supporting games across different blockchains. Many in the industry showed their scepticism regarding the company’s plan.

Further, Polium shared that the public release of the Polium One Console is scheduled for 2025. However, gamers who purchase a Polium Pass, an NFT on the Ethereum Network, will be able to access it in 2024. Around 10,000 of it will be sold. A startup, Polium first shared its plans in a June 26 blog post. 

The console wants to have a gaming system in which users do not have to repeatedly create wallets and switch chains while trading or playing assets; the console seeks to streamline and integrate blockchain gaming, bringing together ImmutableX, Solana, and Ethereum in one place.

In the past, cyber hackers have made blockchain gaming their target. Keeping in mind that Polium says its controller will have a TouchID-like function for security, users will be required to scan their fingerprint each time they sign in, make a transaction or power on their console. 

While Polium is confident about its plan, many are questioning it too, and as per the reports from Video Games Chronicle, a team of four individuals has been assigned to work on the project. 

Some even called the project a ‘scam’ on the Polium Discord; meanwhile, memes are being made using the logo of the company due to its uncanny similarity to an upside-down Nintendo GameCube logo.

After receiving mixed reviews and criticism, Polium took to Twitter to announce that they will be designing “a new logo that is original,” although the firm also cleared that it did not copy Nintendo’s GameCube logo.

The company is currently conducting discussions with different Web 3 Game Developers; it is not clear yet which games will be available on Polium. The company can make an announcement soon. 

The gaming industry garnered revenue of roughly US$201 billion in 2021 and is expected to more than double by 2028, according to Zion Market Research.

A study by Global Market Insights says that the metaverse market is expected to surpass US$500 billion in the same time period