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NFT Collections on Pride Series Released By Leading Beverage Company

source-logo  thenewscrypto.com 04 July 2022 07:09, UTC
  • New pride NFT collection celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • 136 NFTs are built on the polygon network

Coca-Cola has confirmed the launch of a new pride NFT collection to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. The collection was created in collaboration with multi-award-winning designer and LGBTQIA+ rights advocate Rich Minsi.

 As part of the pride collection, Coca-Cola has developed 136 NFTs to show support for the LGBTQIA+ community and honor its members. All funds from the initial sale of 136 NFTs built on the Polygon (MATIC) Network.

Coca-Cola stated :

NFT will be unique and aims to shine color-filled light on the community’s members and spread a message of love. And also pointed out that Rich Minsi’s artwork is based on the fact that Energy can not be destroyed, it can only be transferred, changed in form, locked up, or released.

Profits From NFT Sales Go to LGBTQIA Charities

Rich Minsi decided to donate the company’s profits to an LGBTQIA+ organization known as OUT in its first year of business. It is the second-largest LGBTQIA+ organization in South Africa, providing support for both physical and mental health.

Coca-Cola’s pride collection is considered a generative list of collections, in which artwork is divided into new characteristics used to render the finishing digital tokens on polygon’s blockchain and produce metadata files in advance of preparing the finishing digital tokens. 

Initially, Coca-Cola Metaverse entered the industry on international Friendship Day last year by auctioning four Coca-cola non-fungible tokens specified for special Olympics international.

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