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Blocto Partners with Flow to Give NFT.NYC Attendees a Mobile-First NFT Experience

source-logo  btcmanager.com 23 June 2022 15:52, UTC

Blocto has signed a strategic partnership deal with Flow, to offer attendees at this year’s NFT.NYC event a mobile-first NFT experience and more. Blocto users at the NFT.NYC event will be able to win a share of the 22,000 BLT tokens on offer, receive airdrops, and more.

Blocto Brings More Excitement to NFT.NYC

Blocto, an all-in-one cross-chain wallet that makes it possible for users to manage their cryptocurrencies and NFTs in one place, has partnered with the Flow blockchain to offer attendees at this year’s NFT.NYC event exciting rewards and NFT airdrops.

NFT.NYC is one of the most iconic events in the NFT industry, hosting multiple debates, thought leaders talks, workshops, and briefings from the heavy hitters and brands in the blockchain world.

Hsuan Lee, CEO of Blocto said:

“NFT.NYC has come a long way, from a hobbyist event of just dozens of people to a yearly phenomenon in NYC. We are happy to be here and help push Web3 adoption to the next billion users.”

In addition to the mobile NFT.NYC experience, Blocto users will be able to win a share of a 22,000 BLT token price pool that’s on offer, receive airdrops, secure brand new merchandise, and more, by simply joining the official Blocto Discord, collecting NFTs, and attending its AMAs between now and June 24, 2022.

BLT is the native crypto of the Blocto ecosystem. BLT functions as a utility and governance token, connecting the wallet and the numerous Blockto-based products. 

Celebrating the Growth of Web3

Blockto is an all-in-one cross-chain smart contract wallet that offers a seamless experience on one all-encompassing platform. The Blocto wallet features an in-built decentralized exchange (DEX) for cryptoassets dubbed BloctoSwap, plus BloctoBay, a non-custodial NFT marketplace. Users can complete the Blockto wallet signup process in just 30 seconds and start exploring its various Web3 offerings.

Blocto’s appearance and innovative offerings for attendees of the NFT.NYC conference comes in the wake of a major milestone – hitting over one million unique active wallet users. 

Blocto’s impressive milestones, coupled with its ability to bring the blockchain to life, have made it the partner of choice for the Flow blockchain, which powers a vast array of NFTs, crypto games, and decentralized applications (dApps), and more.

Flow is backed by notable names in both the blockchain ecosystem and the real world, including a16z, Ubisoft, EA, Warner Music Group, Michael Jordan, and more. The Flow blockchain is the home of NBA Top Shot,  a metaverse where basketball lovers can buy, sell and trade tokenized NBA highlight moments.

The team says the Blocto NFT.NYC experience promises to make the event more enjoyable and rewarding for attendees. Participants will be able to redeem exclusive and limited edition NFTs in the Blocko app through physical packs at the event. 

Importantly, the team has made it clear that the #BloctoAtNFTNYC mobile-first digital collectibles experience aims to celebrate not only the growth and successes of the Blocktopian community but also the thriving, diversified and inclusive Web3 projects within its growing ecosystem.

Blocto wrote:

“Despite the recent crypto market downturn, Blocto continues to grow, as evidenced by its user base surpassing the one million mark recently, and is firmly focused on delivering on its vision of bringing real-world usage to blockchains and onboarding the next billion Web2 users to the opportunities of the Web3 era.”