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Metforum: a treasure hunt to win NFT


en.cryptonomist.ch 11 June 2022 09:41, UTC
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On 13 June, Lugano will host the Metaforum event, organized by Finlantern in cooperation with our company, The Cryptonomist.

The special treasure hunt at the Lugano Metaforum  

The fantastic Metaforum event, as well as physically in Lugano, will also be held within the metaverse of The Nemesis

A treasure hunt will be organized for this all-day event at the LAC museum, both in the metaverse of The Nemesis and in the real world.

In the metaverse, the challenge will begin at midnight on 13 June and will last for 48 hours. The objective is to collect items scattered throughout the metaverse with one’s avatar in the shortest possible time. 

The competition will be open to all users registered for the Metaforum event and will be playable both from desktop browsers and with The Nemesis’ native mobile app for iOS and Android.

As mentioned, the treasure hunt will also take place physically at LAC during the event on 13 June, to mix the metaverse experience with reality.

In fact, several QR codes will be placed at the event. Users will have to scan these QR Codes, in any order, to reach the final step. Those who have scanned all the QR Codes and answered the question correctly will be entered into a prize draw.

The prizes will then be awarded during the prize-giving ceremony that will take place at 5 PM on the LAC stage, during the Metaforum itself, i.e. also on 13 June.

Prizes will include NFTs from the Cryppo collection, The NFT Magazine, Companion by The Nemesis and also physical prizes such as a Ledger wallet and event merchandise

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