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Nvidia's crypto and NFT metaverse compatible for all


www.thecoinrepublic.com 13 June 2021 12:56, UTC
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  • Nvidia’ cryptocurrency plans are known to all as it sold crypto mining chips worth $155 million last quarter
  • Although restricted its use for gaming chips, revenue from PC gaming is of prime importance for the firm
  • Its latest cryptocurrency GPU to rake in $400 million for the organization

Professional gamers have kept Nvidia graphics card as their personal favorite but the company hurt their sentiments as it started to concentrate on cryptocurrency chip building. The sudden and prolonged shortage of global semiconductors was set off due to Nvidia keeping aside software for crypto miners. 

Jansen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, explained the interlinkage between the AR/VR universe with NFTs and blockchain networks. With a net worth of $14.3, Huang spoke at the virtual Computex Conference that stressed on the importance of blockchain networks. 

He further assured gamers that the PC gaming business will not take a hit. The firm has taken a calculated risk in building a metaverse that is plausible for all to enter. 

A fusion of virtual and real world 

A metaverse is a unique proposal that allows users to see and feel things which they can only imagine. The extended reality will soon engulf us with cryptocurrency networks and payments being a part of the digital universe. 

The virtual economy can represent 10x value of the current global economy value. Metaverse has not been fully implemented but cryptocurrencies will play a crucial part in its formation process. 

We know Epic Games’ has a digital asset base of $1 billion out of a market of $10 billion and if it plans to shut down Fortnite, the assets will vanish into the Ethereum network. The metaverse will help secure digital assets and NFTs so that buyers will not have to worry about service being stopped or freezing of their accounts. 

Importance of distributed ledger in metaverse 

An open economy cannot thrive efficiently if a single company tries to regulate it. Hence, a metaverse offers the exact foundation required for a blockchain network to work effortlessly in a particular environment. 

Interoperability of one or more universes is beneficial as regular functions will be carried out without a single thought or hindrance. Cryptoverse and metaverse offers efficient, fair and sustainable keys to respective kingdoms. 

Users in the multiverse will be able to use cryptocurrency to create self-sustaining protocols and offer liquidity to the market. Moreover, users will also be able to recover certain hardware costs with the interaction of cryptocurrencies and the metaverse. 

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