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NFTrade Releases Mainnet to Improve Global NFT Ecosystem, Plans Launching Utility Token


u.today 19 May 2021 07:35, UTC
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As was exclusively shared with U.Today, NFTrade platform that provides multiple types of services and works as a crypto exchange, yield-farming and creation hub, has launched its own mainnet and intends to work with the entire global NFT ecosystem, bringing non-fungible tokens from all other blockchains together for its users.

Besides migrating from Ethereum to its own mainnet, the platform intends to launch an NFT utility token soon.

NFTrade to optimize NFT ecosystem and issue its utility token

The company has released its own mainnet to provide users with a multiple-service platform that deals with non-fungible tokens. While other blockchain NFT platforms offer a limited number of services to customers, NFTrade does not restrict clients’ ability to make their own NFTs and includes every aspect of the regular NFT life cycle across many other DLT platforms as well.

Aside from that, NFTrade is going to conduct an IDO (initial dex offering) on nearly ten different platforms and launch their NFT utility token.

Thanks to the new mainnet, NFTrade will be able to bridge all other NFT platforms, thus increasing liquidity and giving users a bigger access to the fractured market of non-fungible tokens.

What makes the new mainnet attractive for users

The new mainnet launched by NFTrade gives customers a wide range of opportunities: exchanging NFTs via peer-to-peer escrows, NFT farming, staking their tokens from various crypto projects to let them earn collectible or utility-based NFTs, etc.

During at least the first half-a-year, the platform will not be charging any transaction fees for buying, selling, peer-to-peer swapping and other operations.

Users will be offered multi-chain minting 0 they can create NFTs on Ethereum via NFTrade and then easily interact with such blockchains as Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Huobi Eco Chain, etc.

The utility token NFTrade intends to launch will be tradable across all integrated blockchains. The company will also offer NFT farming, an NFT launchpad and various social features to its users.

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